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GLS Spain

GLS Spain is a subsidiary of the GLS Group, a leading provider of national and international parcel, freight forwarding and express services in 40 countries. Since 2005, the GLS Spain subsidiary has been growing continuously, offering parcel and courier services to become one of the leading companies in quality with a European-wide agency network.


Industry: Parcel Logistics


Location: Spain


Parcel Hub Madrid for GLS Spain

Körber’s state-of-the-art technology enables the company to handle a large volume of parcels per hour, giving it a decisive competitive edge.



The smooth and efficient movement of materials requires modern, innovative solutions. Solutions that ensure items get to the right place at the right time with minimal resources. Large volumes of parcels are delivered in bulk. But processing devices, scales, scanners and sorters operate with individual items. That’s why these deliveries need to be singulatedas quickly as possible. This is crucial for maximizing the entire process chain and increasing the sorting capacity.


Solutions Implemented:


  • Five Visicon systems: We implemented the Visicon singulator that reliably transforms bulk parcels into a stream of singulated items with the help of an AI-based vision system. This revolutionary system precisely detects and records the shape, size and position of each parcel on the belt. Real-time information allows the system to calculate critical parameters such as separation, orientation and exit direction.

  • 4 reading systems that scan all 6 sides of a parcel

  • 4 systems of dynamic triple scales

  • A sorting system consisting of 4 linear shoe sorters




  • Installation of four primary lines, sorting 47,000 parcel per hour
  • Installation of two lines for irregular items with 3,000 parcels per hour
  • Increasing the system’s capacity to enable flows exceeding 50,000 parcels per hour, a milestone in the logistics sector in Spain


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