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Crossbelt Sorter

Körber’s innovative Crossbelt Sorter is designed to eliminate manual sortation, increase warehouse efficiency and drive down costs. The new Crossbelt Sorter is an important component in our material handling equipment portfolio to flexibly link different functionalities within a warehouse. With this new product, we’re supporting our customers in meeting latest market challenges and requirements.

Materials handling challenges

Mainly driven by E-Commerce, but also from other highly dynamic industries like FMCG, the requirements towards efficient and reliable logistics processes are constantly increasing:

  • Complex order structures and different business models (like B2B or B2C) require a flexible handling of a broad range of goods that need to be sorted.
  • The high variety of articles and fast changing SKU profiles, combined with the increasing demand of end consumers for faster delivery, are driving the requirements for professional warehouse operations.
  • Speed of sortation is vital as customers expect their deliveries to arrive on the same or next day.
  • Manual sortation is labor-intensive, time-consuming and prone to costly mistakes.
  • Automation is essential if you’re looking to eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase productivity.
  • Solutions have to allow for short reaction times to dynamically changing markets and an efficient handling of goods.

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Automated sortation brings speed, flexibility and efficiency

The material handling challenges and requirements can only be met with a higher level of automation that intelligently links different material handling components.

Sorting-Systems identify parcel goods being fed in random order based on predefined features and distribute these goods to destination points that are specified based on individual requirements [VDI3619, S.4]. A Sorting System ranges from the supply, preparation, identification to the actual sorting process and finally removal.

Our Crossbelt sorter offers the perfect combination of speed and cost-effectiveness. It can handle a high diversity of items, from boxes and cartons, to poly-bags and clothing. Crossbelts are fast and can handle up to 14000 items/hour .

Latest Technology:

The robust design of the Crossbelt Sorter ensures highest availability and reliability and a maximum throughput of 14000 items per hour. A highlight of the solution are the mechanics, which are designed for increased ergonomics. At a maximum conveying speed of 1.8 m/s, the sorter operates very quietly (max. 70db(A)) The modular design of the entire solution, with an integrated wiring concept, is following a plug & play approach and allows for fastest installation of pre-mounted modules and an easy extension of the system to support future growing business.

Easy and fast maintenance:

Increased user-friendliness is provided by the equipment with multicoloured LED panels and an integrated predictive maintenance system that reduces machine maintenance and wear. Just as an example, the minimal-lubrification system allows for automatic and adaptive lubrification, the chain-tensioning-system for automatic re-tensioning without any human intervention. Also, the extendible drive unit and fast carrier exchange allow for fast and easy maintenance.

The solution also fulfils functions in the pre-zone area of shuttle warehouses and automatic small parts warehouses, as well as distribution functions in order picking or shipping. The solution clearly stands out due to its increased performance rates and its ability to handle a wide range of conveyed goods. Features and performance that subsystems can already implement are thus easily and consistently implemented in the overall system.

With the goal of keeping our supply chain technologies and expertise strategically close to the needs of our customers, we want to set new standards with the help of technology and innovation.

Pieter Feenstra,
Chief Sales Officer at Körber Supply Chain – Automation

Key benefits

High Availability

The easy and fast maintenance concept ensures highest flexibility.

Rapid return on investment

With a sturdy and reliable construction, our sorters provide fast return on investment.

Deep expertise

Körber’s experience in sorting systems is combined with a deep knowledge in outstanding technology, modern software and comprehensive know-how in the field of system integration.

High Flexibility

Flexible handling of a broad range of goods in different packaging.

Plug & Play Technology

Fast installation of pre-mounted modules


Easy extension of the system due to its modularity

The Körber difference

The new Crossbelt Sorter is an important component in our material handling equipment portfolio to flexibly link different functionalities within a warehouse. With this new product, we’re supporting our customers in meeting latest market challenges and requirements.

KPIs and numbers

  • High throughput with up to 16,000 carrier / 14.000 items  per hour
  • Low noise level  - less than 70 db(A)
  • PROFINET and EtherCAT communication
  • Modular, integrated wiring concept for fast on-site installation
  • Optimal belt tension through integrated belt tensioning aid with display of the belt relaxation
  • Automatic adaptive minimal lubrication system
  • Automatic chain tensioning system. No more manual re-tensioning required.
  • Predictive maintenance: chain wear, elongation and lubrication are continuously checked, decentrally evaluated and reported
  • Multi-colored LED panel for displaying the status
  • Fast carriage change in 10 minutes thanks to innovative roller folding technology
  • Low energy consupmtion due to drives with high efficiency factor
  • Dimension of goods: length 150-600mm (1200mm by using 2 carriers); width 80-600mm; heigh 5-500mm
  • Weight of goods: 0,5 - 35kg

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