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Palletizing robots are the perfect tools for optimizing the manufacturing production line, while packing goods onto pallets for transfer and delivery. Automating this process leads to faster cycle times and higher levels of precision, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, while improving working conditions and employee safety.

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Körber Palletizing Systems

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The palletizing challenges in modern manufacturing workflows

Modern manufacturing and production are highly demanding in terms of increasing levels of growth, speed, scale and efficiency, all while requiring processes to be kept as cost-effective as possible. Some of the challenges facing palletizing and stacking processes are:

  • Cost-effective and efficient labor is increasingly difficult to come by
  • Materials are sometimes excessively heavy or hazardous
  • Price pressures mean efficiency and precision is paramount
  • The evolution and modernization of operational logistics

Körber palletizing robots offer speed and efficiency

Körber has a long-established expertise in conveying and palletizing systems, setting new industry standards in the manufacturing of robotic palletizers. We offer a range of palletizing robots, focusing on quality, reliability, process stability and a long life cycle.

Articulated Arm Robots

Enormously flexible, suitable for a very wide range of applications, and economical in situations where many different types of task are required.

Layer Palletizer Robots

Suitable for almost all consumer products in uniform packs, cases, crates or bags. Products are rotated and orientated into layers, then layered onto pallets.

Linear Robots

A flexible and economical solution for palletizing most consumer goods products; easy to operate and maintain.

Gantry Robots

Heavy-duty palletizing robots operating from an overhead gantry, capable of moving large loads quickly and accurately.

No two companies have exactly similar requirements, so no two Körber palletizing robot systems are the same. Each one is flexible, custom built, and adjustable to fit customer requirements. One of Körber’s key strengths is the in-house expertise to design and implement the right system and material flow environment in exact accordance with your needs.

Key benefits

Deep expertise

Körber’s wide-ranging experience in both robotics and logistics is coupled with a deep knowledge of software and systems integration for all aspects of the supply chain.

Flexible options

No off-the-peg solution, systems are custom built to fit material flow environment and each customer’s individual requirements.

Process optimization

Planning and execution for the complete palletizing process is made simple, efficient, repeatable, measurable and transparent.

The Körber difference

We pride ourselves in technology leadership within the industry, and our in-house R&D department is exploring the next generation of state-of-the-art robotics. We have a complete portfolio of products, each system tailored to your needs. We are also uniquely placed to offer the complete logistics solution, with the infrastructure, reach and financial backing of a truly global company. This scope, and our own manufacturing capacity for machines, conveyors and auxiliary components, means we are also unmatched in more pragmatic and everyday areas such as the availability of spare parts.

Körber Palletizing Systems in use

Case study - HKScan

Automatic palletizing increases food processor throughput

Worn-out equipment and a manual operation get a much-needed upgrade that increases efficiency and productivity

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Körber palletizing robots are in use by some the world’s largest manufacturers, including:

BASF, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, Melitta, Miele, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Unilever


Körber created a fully automatic stacking and palletizing unit, with the flexibility to handle all standard formats for Germany’s leading bakery specialist, Lieken, helping to lower costs and increase human resources efficiency.

Gripper systems

When you’re managing a warehouse or distribution center, gripper systems are an integral part of your material handling equipment. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, Körber’s experts understand that your palletizing requirements are unique. That’s why we provide a complete range of gripper solutions that can be configured to meet your exact needs.

Material handling equipment challenges

Within a high-performance palletizing system, there are key challenges related to gripper systems:

  • Many organizations need gripper systems that can handle a broad range of products.
  • As palletizing tasks become increasingly complex, gripper systems must be designed to keep pace.
  • For certain tasks, off-the-shelf gripper systems may not be available – tailored solutions must be developed.
  • Implementing safe and secure gripper systems that prevent product damage is essential.
A comprehensive range of solutions

Körber provides an all-encompassing suite of industry-leading solutions. Our gripper systems are designed to enable the safe and secure handling of all products being palletized, including, but not limited to, cartons, boxes, baskets, trays, bags, foil packs, buckets and bottles.

Our grippers can generally be classified into four groups: clamping grippers, fork grippers, suction grippers, and magnetic grippers. However, if you have a particularly complex palletizing requirement, our material handling experts can design, build and implement a tailored gripper system to meet your exact specifications.

The Körber difference

Our gripper systems, as part of our palletizing systems, are specially engineered to bring greater levels of efficiency and productivity to your business, while enabling you to effectively manage all your palletizing tasks.

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