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Order picking

Körber uses data analysis and in-depth process experience to select the best order picking solutions, so customers can address the growing complexity of their delivery channels.


Automation empowers paper manufacturer to meet growing demand

Learn how automation allows throughput increases to 100 pallets per hour & retrieval climbs to 147 pallets per hour

Multiple and constantly changing distribution channels present a major challenge

Order picking is the most complex and dynamic of all logistical workflows:

  • Retailers struggle to support multiple B2B, B2C and online distribution channels simultaneously.
  • There is a huge time factor in manual order picking for a growing assortment of goods for different omnichannels.
  • Warehouses and distribution centers face increasing problems with labor costs and scarcity.

Order picking solutions

Our customers experience growing complexity through “omnichannel” distribution channels – from traditional retail supply, to one-off, next-day and same-day e-commerce orders.

Körber’s order picking and distribution solutions are firmly analysis-based: who your customers are, what you are distributing, at what frequency and through which channels.

We look at your floor space, how you store your products, your distribution channels, order lead times, assortments and quantities. We analyze your entire business scenario relevant to the most competitive supply chain, considering the past, present and future.

There is a lot of innovation happening, and we stay agile by integrating with the latest and greatest technology.

Michiel Veenman,

The detailed data we gather determines the most efficient workflows, software and automated technologies you need to fulfill your customer needs across all distribution channels.

We design highly optimized person-to-goods solutions, either with handheld terminals or voice-directed. If needed, we can integrate autonomous mobile robots to support these processes. Or we can design an advanced automated goods-to-person solution, applying a wide range of technologies from mobile robots to shuttle systems. In all cases, Körber has the experience and processes to design, deliver and support these solutions.

Key benefits

Technology agnostic

We don’t stick to any single technology. We deploy the technologies that work best to increase your process innovation and reduce your business complexity. 

Practical thinking

By understanding the business processes and material flows you require to optimize your competitiveness, we shape the optimal supply chain solution for you.

Risk-free delivery

We deploy the newest technologies only after thoroughly evaluating their design, reliability and effectiveness. In this way, we deliver risk-free projects on time and with the right result.

Research-based results

By taking the time to understand your business operations and value chains, we deliver custom solutions for your B2B, B2C and online supply streams.

The Körber difference

We map your existing processes and customer requirements, and implement targeted, meaningful solutions. By applying integrated technologies developed by the leading industry innovators, we remain responsive and agile to our clients’ changing needs. 

Our aim, first and foremost, is to be the best lifecycle partner for our customers.

Thomas Metz,


Technical agility

By not sticking to any one technology, we can deploy integrated solutions best suited to your individual needs and managed in a way that is risk-free for our customers.

Understanding of workflows

We use analytical data to understand your supply chains, and a combination of technologies to maximize your process efficiency. Through our knowledge of logistical processes and material flows, the consultation we provide is value-driven and informed.

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