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Pallet Conveyor Equipment

Pallet handling equipment is essential to productive operations, enabling pallet stacking or separating, or transporting pallets across different transport levels. Designed to connect transport lines or re-orientated pallet direction, within a variety of different production plant heights, this equipment can be flexibly combined to support multiple material flow sources.

Palletizing Conveyor Equipment

Case Study – Bakery

Really good palletizing of baked goods

An efficient overall system for fully automatic pallet and empty crate logistics that allows decoupling of processes.

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The pallet handling problem

Transporting often large and heavy palletized goods through the plant can pose a number of challenges:

  • Transporting pallets, particularly via forklifts and other more “manual” methods, can incur significant costs in terms of both time and effort
  • Pallet stacking or movement can be particularly dangerous for workers
  • Multi-directional workflows can make pallet transportation complicated and inefficient

Pallet handling equipment

We offer a wide range of pallet conveyors, from the more economical drive-less models to high-powered, driven rollers or chain conveyors, complete with reversible transport direction.

Using transfer units and turntables, these conveyors can be used flexibly to connect or change the direction of different pallet transport lines as required. This means that several material flow sources can be combined, offering an almost endless number of material flow targets.

Power-driven roller conveyers are especially designed for the lengthwise transportation of empty or full pallets. This makes them ideally suited for conveying Euro pallets, and for operation in low building heights such as at the manual shuttle car transfer level. Large roller diameter and narrow roller spacing enable quiet and smooth pallet transportation, even under heavy loads.

The chain pallet conveyor is better suited for crosswise transportation and for heavy loads, thanks to the double, straight linked chains. Transfer units, and the turntable, make any angle with the track run possible, supporting 90° angle parallel or swivel lifts, as well as being able to change orientation from lengthwise to crosswise, and vice-versa.

Pallet conveyors

Pallet Conveyors and Accessories

Pallet transfer accessories for lengthwise and crosswise palletization.

Key benefits

Tailored to the task

We tailor our conveyor units to suit our clients’ specific task requirements.

Diverse range

We provide a diverse assortment of pallet handling equipment, including chain conveyors, buffer conveyors, turntables, transfer units, pallet dispensers and pallet testers.

Modular solutions

Our modular system of standard components enables businesses to add elements as needed, including lifts, shuttle cars, lane connections, crossovers, roller lanes, etc.

The Körber difference

We offer an extensive assortment of pallet conveyor systems, all individually designed to support the movement of pallets in multiple directions, orientations, and dimensions. Our modular approach enables us to tailor these solutions to your specific logistic requirements, giving you the opportunity to achieve the process productivity you need.

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