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Software Implementation: Training

Through a combination of personalized, remote learning and more enriched classroom sessions, Körber offers hundreds of courses designed to motivate your staff to engage with our warehouse management systems more effectively and more efficiently.

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Industry training challenges

With most systems training arranged by senior staff or administrators, many learning programs fail to match the needs of trainees and their specific roles, which presents a number of challenges:

  • Course modules often last hours, making it difficult for trainees to absorb the information.
  • Much of today’s training is computer-generated, which can make the content uninspiring and difficult to follow.
  • Warehouse management software training lacks the interactivity present in other industry sectors.
  • Without awareness of the specific needs of the trainee, courses can be inefficient and ill-informed.

Meeting the needs of the modern learner

Drawing on the latest interactive technology and tailored to specific roles and tasks, Körber’s learning programs enable your teams to make the changes they need to their systems, independently.

With the right training, not only can staff use the software more effectively and efficiently, they are more engaged and motivated to use it.

We really pay attention to the way people learn today, tracking and reporting what people do; which most software companies don’t do.

Cheryl Reisdorff,
Vice President, Enablement, Körber

Key benefits

Bite-sized learning

Reflecting the way human beings learn, training modules are broken down into bite-sized chunks, tailored to specific tasks, providing the knowledge trainees require.

Human connection

Delivered naturally and dynamically by human beings, our training provides opportunities to truly connect with trainees and respond to their unique challenges.

Innovative techniques

Introducing contemporary learning techniques to the courses, like gamification and video, ensures trainees are entertained and engaged with the content.

Measurable achievements

Every step of the way, trainees have visibility of their progress. We can also track their achievements, and provide extra support when needed.

Reduced risk

By assessing the level of trainee understanding and identifying any issues beforehand, we can tailor the courses, improving their efficacy and efficiency.


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The Körber difference

By introducing the human, interactive elements that are missing from many of today’s warehouse management system training courses, we can satisfy the needs of the modern learner, providing learning that is both stimulating and practical. And because of our proactive approach and attention to individual needs, we can ensure our training is more tailored and informed, helping you realize the true value of our logistics systems.

By using the learning management system to track who has taken the course and identify any gaps in understanding, you can reduce the risks during implementation.

Cheryl Reisdorff,
Vice President, Enablement, Körber

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