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Software Consulting and Implementation

Körber provides a full range of professional services to guide your implementation of our supply chain solutions. They will work with you to successfully deploy your systems and enable the staff responsible for them – supporting your company’s supply chain from end to end.

Supply chain challenges

Without the necessary in-house expertise and the modern technology, it can prove difficult to satisfy today’s customer demand. Key issues include:

  • Lack of resources, old technology and limited staff experience in key areas.
  • Insufficient or ineffective training processes.
  • Limited system monitoring, slow issue resolution and outdated visibility tools.

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Software Consulting & Implementation

High-level services to support your supply chain systems

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Solutions for every stage of your service

Not only does Körber provide the resources, the expertise and the strategy to improve your logistics operations, we can help you deliver completely new solutions that transform your supply chain strategy.

Also, by providing a selection of client-personalized courses, utilizing remote learning techniques and instructor-led classroom sessions, we can ensure your teams are equipped with the right skills for their role and your business.

Key benefits

Industry experience

Our service offerings draw on our diverse technological and operational experience, as well as years of unique customer insights. 

Proactive support

Proactively monitoring your systems, processes and training, we push the limit of supply chain support, helping our clients future-proof their business with industry-leading SLAs.

Continuous innovation

From monitoring industry trends to adopting the latest immersive training techniques, we’re always looking for ways to improve your supply chain processes and people.

The Körber difference

A pioneer in supply chain logistics solutions since 1995, Körber has the expertise and experience to create, manage and implement a complete suite of supply chain services, from software support to business consultation and employee training.

Our Software Consulting & Implementation Solutions


Körber provides the skills and resources to help you deliver your logistic solutions quickly and efficiently.


Körber delivers the necessary interactivity and human engagement to bring its courses to life.

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