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Services and Lifecycle Support Overview

To stay competitive in the fast-changing supply chain world, and meet customers’ expectations, warehouses must keep ahead of supply chain complexity at all times.


Maintaining efficient operations is an ever-present challenge, and continuous improvements and optimizations on top are even harder. Our Services team gives you the lifecycle support you need to stay on top of your operations.

“Körber’s full service offers us a maximum level of technical and financial safety.”

Steffen Buck
Head of International Material Logistics, Quality & Environmental Management, J. Schmalz GmbH

Services and Lifecycle Support

As a team of supply chain experts, we have been at the forefront of supply chain logistics for more than 30 years. We guide our customers and provide excellent customer support by sharing our extensive know-how and industry best practices.


We are a global player with a strong presence in Europe and extended services in North America and in the Asia Pacific region. We have over 175 professionals ready to help our customers, all equipped with a broad experience in a variety of industry sectors. With speakers of over 15 languages, our team helps more than 650 customers all over the world.

Who We are

We are an industry-leading group, and a reliable and trusted partner for our customers ensuring uptime, maintaining operational availability and continuously optimizing systems’ performance. As an innovative player with a global team and network of service experts, we bring together a comprehensive Services and Lifecycle Support portfolio that addresses all our customers’ current and future needs.

How we can work together

To run a smooth warehouse operation can be a complex task that involves many moving pieces, parts, systems and integrations. One of the most challenging aspects is keeping up to date with regular maintenance and retrofit projects whenever required.
We are side by side with our customers from the early implementation stages, be it a new project or from the moment we join an ongoing project. We always start by carefully listening to our customers’ needs and concerns and only then do we suggest the best-suited services for their operation.


Our goal is to ensure maximum performance and minimize unplanned downtime and operational complexity since we know that it helps customers to stay ahead of common supply chain challenges and from their competition. This can be achieved both with onsite teams and on-call engineers.

Maintaining and Improving Operations

Supply chains in order to be successful need to have all parts efficiently working together at all times. A single component failure has the potential to trigger a massive reaction and cause innumerable problems at the other end of the chain. This is the reason why it is critical to make sure that every little component always runs smoothly.


Component failure and inadequate equipment can both cause costly delays. Regular check-ups and maintenance help avoid unexpected downtime and costly delays, besides adding longevity to the machinery. Retrofit projects represent an important element since it grants the possibility to upgrade the existing machinery and therefore enables keeping up with increasingly complex systems.


But to achieve all these improvements in operations a certain degree of expertise is required, one that we offer our customers with close and all-time available support. Backed up by a global team of specialists, our engineers alongside customer support teams help our customers overcome all challenges.

Key Benefits at a glance

  • Digital Services: our growing portfolio of digital products and features complements Körber’s equipment, systems and services.  We enable our customers to unlock the potential of smarter systems operations and maintenance, thereby increasing system availability, efficiency and reliability. 
  • Optimize system availability: our experts will maximize your entire supply chain uptime and availability.
  • Retrofitting: high-performing supply chains require updated and resilient systems that ensure top performance and are ready to keep up with future business demands and growth. We offer a broad range of retrofit, upgrade, modernization and extension solutions. 


  • Spare Parts Services: we ensure all-around system availability throughout the entire lifecycle with single spare parts, spare parts packages and kits. 
  • Flexible agreements: contact us when you need us or sign up to long term maintenance plans and service contracts. As a reliable and trusted partner with a global team and network of service experts we ensure uptime and operational availability; 24/7, all year long. 
  • Resident in-house technical support: it is harder than ever to recruit people, train them, retain them and grow their skills. And as these pressures grow, we can provide you with a Resident Engineering team that can secure operations based on years of industry experience. 

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