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Robotic Solutions

Körber’s suite of robotic solutions respond to today’s supply chain demands, optimizing your floor operations, transportation, processing, fulfillment and staff safety.


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Enhancing efficiency through automation.

Setting industry standards for logistics technology, Körber provides a range of reliable, tailored robotic solutions, from autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to palletizers and depalletizers and cutting-edge 3D storage solutions.


In addition to improving speed and accuracy, our robotic solutions are highly flexible, enabling you to add new robots as demand dictates, making robotics an economical option. You can drive cost and staff efficiencies further by adopting AMRs, which operate without instruction, drawing on information provided by your existing cameras and sensors.

The right robotic solution for every logistics challenge:

Flexible automation that adapts to your warehouse layout and size.

Our network of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) partners ensures we address your supply chain challenges holistically. Our deep expertise in warehouse technology allows us to find the right solution for your operational needs, while leveraging the benefits of this flexible robotic solution.


  • Easy to scale
  • Improves worker safety and productivity
  • Integrates with our Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Partners inclusive off; Locus Robotics, Geek+, Balyo, Fetch Robotics & Libiao Robotics


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    Körber palletizing robots offer speed and efficiency.

    Körber has a long-established expertise in conveying and palletizing systems, setting new industry standards in the manufacturing of robotic palletizers.


    We offer a range of palletizing robots, focusing on qualityreliability, process stability and a long life cycle. Each one is flexible, custom built, and adjustable to fit customer requirements. 


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      A 3D solution inspired by nature to overcome supply chain challenges.

      Supply chains face more and more complex challenges than ever before. Körber and Attabotics' unique partnership brings an innovative solution to the European Market, for the first time.


      With this partnership, we offer a class-leading robotic 3D storage & retrieval solution, that enables high storage density, faster picking and has built-in sequencing capabilities. 


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        Körber advantages

        Process Optimization

        Planning and execution for the complete process is made simple, efficient, repeatable, measurable and transparent.


        Add or remove robots as required to meet the varying demands of your business, often with zero ramp-up time.



        Our custom built, modular solutions are created to match your logistics environment, and perform in multiple functions.


        Plan, track and optimize your supply chain operations. Add more “visibility” with a connected robotics solution.

        Are you ready to optimize your supply chain? 

        Contact us today to learn more about how our experts can help you optimize your logistics processes and strengthen your competitive advantage. Count on Körber as your reliable partner for a future-proof and high-performance supply chain.


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