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Layer Picker Gantry systems

Körber Layer Picker Gantry systems combine AS/RS storage, conveyors, cranes and a warehouse control system with our market-leading Layer Picker technology. This fully integrated solution is designed to reduce operational costs, while optimizing efficiency, productivity and available space in your warehouse or distribution center.

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Revolutionize your warehouse processes

Innovative automated solutions that are tailored to your needs and offer high-performance layer picking for your goods

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Layer picking challenges

Organizations face a range of challenges when it comes to layer picking:

  • Increasing cost and complexity for manual layer picking as volume grows
  • Lack of space in existing facilities due to growing volumes
  • Limited budget for investment in automation

By using warehouse space more efficiently, reducing the need for manual labor, improving layer picking accuracy and speed, and cutting product damage, our automated Layer Picker systems resolve many of the issues associated with complex layer picking.

Revolutionizing your warehouse processes

Our fully-integrated Layer Picker Gantry systems provide automated de-palletizing and pallet-to-pallet picking. This unique, automated, flexible solution can be scaled up to 10,000 picks per day.

Our solution can automatically build rainbow pallets with different layers, while providing automated storage of pallets and improving the working environment in warehouses and distribution centers.

It provides unmatched performance for your warehouse.

  • The most versatile solution on the market, with unrivaled technology and unique suction and clamping layer picking method.
  • More than 600 Layer Picker installations globally.
  • Industry standard for de-palletizing and pallet-to-pallet picking.
  • Picks both single or multiple layers and layers with voids.
  • Operating in temperature ranges from −28°C to +40°C (−18°F to +140°F).

Key benefits

Reduced costs

Significantly reduces reliance on manual labor, which also reduces cost.

Fully automated

Automation reduces complexity in the picking process, thereby increasing speed and accuracy.

High performing solution

Uses industry-recognized solutions for pallet transport and storage, improving performance throughout the warehouse process.

Maximized floor space

Our solution has a minimal footprint, maximizing the use of warehouse floor space.

Deep freeze opportunities

Solutions are also available for deep freeze environments.

Unique picking capabilities

Can handle up to 98% of all product types in the food retail sector, helping to simplify your warehouse operations.

The Körber difference

With over 20 years of specialist experience, we have in-depth knowledge of layer picker technology, and the knowhow to size, design and deliver unmatched, state-of-the-art Layer Picker systems.

The team behind the Layer Picker is very professional and this has given us even more confidence in the solution, which delivered outstanding results from the first push of the button.

Stuart Alldridge,
Senior Project Implementation Manager, Kraft-Heinz UK

Layer picker in use

Case study - Heinz

Layer pickers automate 90% of dispatched volume

The solution for Kraft Heinz provides greater vehicle loading flexibility and increased throughput

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Heinz National Distribution Centre (UK)

Körber’s Layer Picker provided Heinz with an improved picking profile compared to the previous technology. Designed to create “sandwich/rainbow” pallets of mixed products to customer specifications, the solution offers a throughput of up to 180 layers per hour and is designed to operate 24/7 in peak periods.

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