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Material Handling Equipment

Körber’s comprehensive suite of material handling equipment is designed to optimize supply chain automation for increased efficiency and productivity across warehouses and distribution centers. From conveyors, sorters and pickers to cranes, guided vehicles and all other aspects of material handling, our bespoke solutions will meet all your operational requirements.

Fully-integrated material handling equipment

With modular products, you can choose a bespoke solution that will enable you to significantly reduce your reliance on manual labor, for instance, and move vast amounts in a shorter time-frame.

Each piece of equipment can be integrated into your Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Warehouse Control System (WCS), which controls all aspects your automated supply chain. That means everything is connected, and data captured from each component can be analyzed to improve efficiencies across your entire organization.

Körber advantages


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Körber is proud of our customer partnerships, long and short, simple and complex.

Material handling challenges:

  • Recruiting workers is a major challenge, especially during periods of peak demand.
  • Manual labor is often inefficient, impractical and costly.
  • Organizations need to sort and distribute large quantities in shorter time frames.
  • Price pressures mean speed and efficiency is paramount.
  • Supply chain processes must be transparent and measurable
  • Depth of knowledge: Our experts have wide-ranging experience in automation, robotics and logistics, plus a deep knowledge of software and systems integration.
  • Bespoke solutions: Our material handling solutions are custom built to fit your organization’s precise business requirements.
  • Innovation: We are technology leaders within the industry. Our in-house R&D department is exploring the next generation of supply chain automation.

The Körber difference

Our experts can design, engineer and implement your material handling equipment, whereas competitors tend to rely on systems and modules from different suppliers. We can also provide the software and WMS which ultimately controls this equipment, to build a fully integrated system.


Our Material Handling Equipment Solutions

Crossbelt Sorter

Highly flexible sorting solution with a high throughput performance.

Production Conveyors and Palletizers

Discover our large assortment of pallet conveying equipment. For each customer individually planned conveyor units to the customer's fine-tuned to task requirements.

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