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Project Execution

Following on from the System Concepting and Design phase of a project, the Project Execution team takes the design team’s proposed idea and engineers the solution. At the end of this phase, a fully tested and fully functioning system will be in operation at the customer’s premises.

Warehouse industry challenges

When it comes to engineering automated supply chain systems, businesses face a range of challenges:

  • Due to the large number of business processes that warehouse systems incorporate, they are highly complex.
  • In such a dynamic industry, supply chain systems must be scalable and adaptable enough to respond to industry changes in the near future.
  • From a project execution perspective, most organizations don’t have the in-house capabilities and industry expertise to develop and implement their own systems.

Case study - Brandenburg

Modernizing cold storage for cost reduction

How we transformed an existing meat processing company into a state-of-the-art facility

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Key stages of Project Execution

First, the Project Execution team will gain an in-depth technical understanding of your operational requirements and business challenges. They will document everything you need from a technical standpoint, which helps to identify the most suitable system components and which supplier we will procure these products from.

Next, our systems specialists will engineer the in-depth technical aspects of your system. This includes integrating the various components so that the entire solution works in a holistic way. Integration is a complex part of the solution and getting it right first time is crucial. Fortunately, we have developed and implemented thousands of systems worldwide, so our engineers have a wealth of experience to draw on.

The final part of this phase involves the installation and commissioning of the system, followed by functional testing. Once the system is completely tested, your new system goes live.

Following this phase, Körber’s support and maintenance team will manage your system for its entire life cycle.

Key Benefits


This is a Körber-wide operational excellence initiative that’s happening worldwide. The aim is to generate better results for our customers across key areas of our business, especially in terms of Project Execution.

Technology agnostic

Our impartial engineers will always select the perfect components for your automation solution. If we decide that your ideal system should be built using non-Körber products, we will procure and implement those products.

Depth of knowledge

With more than 4000 different installations worldwide, no other solution provider has the expertise and experience offered by Körber’s trusted advisors. Our portfolio of customers ranges from globally renowned multinationals to smaller localized businesses.


The Körber difference

For more than 30 years, Körber has been at the forefront of the supply chain logistics market. No other company has such a deep and extensive understanding of the warehouse industry.



successful implementations worldwide

Up to 99+% accuracy
for warehouse operations


years of experience

Project Execution in the real world

Chemical operator invests in automated solution to enable higher storage capacity

Integrated solution improves chemical company's production, distribution, logisitics and transport capabilities.

BASF (Germany)

Körber developed a brand-new automation solution to manage BASF’s entire process from receipt of goods to shipping. All goods are scanned, recorded digitally and booked out – no need for time-consuming stock-taking.

Greiner Bio-One (Austria)

With huge efficiency gains generated by a new logistics system implemented by Körber, Greiner is now well prepared for further business growth.

Koehler Paper Group (Germany)

Körber provided this leading European paper manufacturer with a new cutting and logistics center, as well as a fully automated high bay warehouse.

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