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Smart Maintenance


Why service processes are so essential.


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As a logistics systems operator, you need your equipment to work reliably whenever it is needed. With our Smart Maintenance approach, unplanned downtimes and emergency maintenance are a thing of the past.


By shifting from time-based maintenance models to predictive maintenance, you can effectively optimize your overall process.

Benefits at a glance

  • Operational downtimes averted or significantly reduced
  • Minimized operational risk through predictive analysis and better visibility into system health
  • Enabling of predictive and optimized maintenance, as well as material and resource planning




  • Extended system service life through condition monitoring, data-based analysis and system component optimization
  • Increased occupational safety, as maintenance work with special safety requirements, such as working at heights, is reduced
  • Monitoring of many components of different systems – also from third-party suppliers

Smart Maintenance – digitalization makes it possible

We are continually enhancing our predictive maintenance solutions. Our Smart Maintenance portfolio monitors the components of a wide range of systems. 

The basis for predictive maintenance is condition monitoring, which uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns in historical sensor data. The results are used to predict the best time to perform necessary maintenance and to predict the service life of a component. You benefit from optimized maintenance scheduling and execution with just-in-time measures. You can realize higher operational availability, greater efficiency and productivity, and boost competitiveness.

Our Smart Maintenance portfolio improves and optimizes your service processes

Singulator 360

Singulator 360 provides transparency on the condition of drive units. During operation AI-based algorithms detect anomalies that indicate which belt units are not working as they should or may be about to fail. Predictive analytics with Singulator 360 let operators plan maintenance according to the actual system condition.


Motor 360

Observations of motor data over a longer period provide a relaiable indication of potential maintenance issues. This allows to take necessary measures in good time. Furthermore, Motor 360 assists with the prioritization of maintenance activities, putting critical drives at the top of the list for service personnel.

Diverter 360

The VarioRoute uses multiple intelligently controlled roller units to reliably divert items to right direction e.g., to the sorting loop. Diverter 360 provides transparency on the condition of drive units. During operation AI-based algorithms detect anomalies that indicate which roller units are not working as they should or may be about to fail.

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