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Improve palletizing efficiency and reliability with our Bakery specific solutions.


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The intense competition and price pressure in the bakery sector forces companies to automate production as much as possible. In this context, Körber specialists combined a depalletizer, destacker and layer palletizer which results in a completely new and efficient overall system for fully automatic pallet and empty crate logistics.


Benefits at a glance

  • Automate a currently manual palletizing system
  • Save cost / labor
  • Account for labor shortage
  • Increase speeds


  • Improve finished pallet quality
  • Increase reliability / up time
  • Take advantage of new technologies / advancements in automation
  • Partner with a palletizing systems expert

Palletizing has never been more flexible

There is an ever-increasing demand on the market for flexible solutions in terms of different packaging sizes and types as well as weights and shapes. Production also increasingly requires changeovers during the production process, so an easy and quick operating solution is needed. As a solution, Körber offers an overall system combination consisting of palletizing robot together with empty pallet handling, layer gripper, grouping table and line distributor which meets the requirements of today’s production needs.

Benefits of our products to the customers

PA15 is a patented technology that is based on over 4 decades of palletizing experience

  • We combine the best aspects of robotic and conventional technology into one palletizing machine
  • Super flexible unit that can run many different product sizes, types, and speeds
  • Gentle handling for fragile products

Commercial value & proof points

  • Modular design and scalability: adaptation to new/changed requirements always possible through extensions and upgrades
  • Less space required: smaller footprint and minimum control cabinet size make for optimal integration into existing production lines
  • Industry 4.0 capable: predictive and remote maintenance
  • Little to no compressed air needed

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