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Warehouse Management

Be at the top of technology by digitizing your warehouse with a cloud-based WMS. Enjoy an intelligent set of functionalities like order and wave management, integrated labor management, and differentiated inventory management.


For both medium-sized and enterprise warehouses, our WMS solutions immediately enable full visibility into inventory, people, and processes. Its configurability of functionalities brings flexibility to your business while tailoring the solution to your existing and future needs.

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Key benefits

Tailored solutions

Highly adaptable solutions, with add-ons providing incremental functionality. This allows for accurate, optimized processes that reduce effort and cost and increase productivity.

Configurable system

Customer-specific adaptations can be made without changing the source code. This is making it one of the most intrinsically customizable WMS products; cited as the primary reason customers select Körber

Flexible technology platform

A future-proof, flexible technology platform that will evolve with your requirements.

  • Cloud-based;
  • Fully mobile-enabled functionality;
  • Integration of complementary technologies like IoT-sensors, robotics, and augmented reality
Complete digitization of your warehouse

Complete digitization means more data to improve visibility, accuracy, and planning. Capture data across the warehouse to enable complete transparency. Enable the use of ML and AI technology for predictive analytics and process optimization.

End-to-end visibility

Adaptable software and add-ins optimize processes and productivity. End-to-end processes can be enabled by integrating warehouse management solutions with other supply chain applications (e.g. TMS, YMS), ERPs, and complementary IT systems. 

The Körber difference

Our warehouse management expertise will ensure your organization runs at peak efficiency. You will work with a highly customizable system that supports complex processes and high throughput rates. End-to-end visibility and centralized data points are guaranteed by the integration with ERPs and Transportation or Yard Management. Our WMS also integrates with material handling equipment from various vendors, to support even the highest levels of automation.

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