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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Compared to manual operations, or a traditionally automated environment, the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) can help improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations of all sizes. From improving floor operations, transportation and processing to generating warehouse layout reports, AMR offers huge advantages for efficiency, growth, scalability and speed.


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The next generation of challenges in material handling workflows

Today’s businesses are facing significant operational challenges driven by growth, evolving customer demands, and the need to deliver speed and scalability:

  • Labor challenges are making it difficult to find and train the right staff
  • Workload can be hugely variable, unpredictable and/or seasonal
  • The evolution and modernization of operational logistics
  • Difficulty finding flexible and easily scalable solutions
  • Better supply chain data is needed to feed efficiencies

Robots deliver efficiency, flexibility, scalability and speed

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) address the challenges in today’s supply chain operations in many ways. By taking on many manual movement activities in the warehouse, AMRs can deliver everything from intricate picking fulfillment to moving pallets and large payloads.

Unlike Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), AMRs operate from a digital map of their environment, and require little or no infrastructure modification. The existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) feeds tasks to the robots, and the digital mapping, sensors, cameras and embedded safety mechanisms provide all the information they need to operate.

AMR is far more affordable than traditional automation, and easy to scale once in place, either for long-term growth, or for short term seasonality. It’s highly flexible – scaling an operation can be as simple as just adding more robots. Once the system is in place, there is zero ramp-up time – you can add more or less robots as needed.


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Key benefits

Affordable and flexible

Low-cost entry with little or no infrastructure impact. Robots are flexible and versatile and can perform multiple functions.

Easily scalable

The system can grow with you or scale up or down as needed, short- or long-term, often with zero ramp-up time.

Smooth integration

The AMRs integrate completely, delivering a constant stream of operational data the back into the warehouse and logistics systems.

The Körber difference

Körber has a truly global network with a deep expertise in warehouse and automation technology. This, coupled with a portfolio of partnerships with the leading manufacturers and innovators in the market, means we can extend to our customers a wider range of product offerings that are relevant to their businesses, uniquely placing Körber as the strongest AMR partner in the world.

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