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Shuttle-based pallet storage

Shuttle-based pallet storage provides layers of pallet storage in a rack that is two, three or more layers deep and many stories high. The purpose is to achieve maximum storage in minimal space within your warehouse, storing and controlling inventory until it is required, and delivering a high level of throughput.

Materials handling challenges

  • Speed of change is increasing rapidly (due to industry advancements such as ecommerce).
  • More and more product lines need to be stored, but your warehouse space is finite.
  • Storing pallets using forklift trucks is labor-intensive, costly and inefficient.
  • Automation is essential if you’re looking to eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase productivity.
  • Having a reliable and safe system is a key business requirement.

Solution sheet

Shuttle-Based Pallet Storage

Shuttle-based pallet storage provides an automated storage and retrieval system across an unlimited number of aisles, rows and levels. This system is designed to optimize storage and maximize warehouse space by storing and retrieving loads on

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Shuttle-based pallet storage

Our innovative system is completely designed around the automated functions of pallet handling, storage, sorting, retrieval and distribution. Operating on either FiFo (First in First out) or LiFo (Last in First out) principles, depending on your requirements, the multi-deep automated warehouse is a high-throughput solution which is extremely efficient with relatively low energy consumption.

Körber’s automated shuttle-based pallet storage system is composed of three elements:

  • The autonomous satellite vehicle runs on storing lanes within racking channels, and carries unit loads between different storage positions, up to 30m deep. This element can also be used in automated systems based on stacker cranes.
  • Shuttle cars run on rails perpendicular to the storing lanes, and carry satellite or unit loads between storage lanes.
  • A lift, or vertical conveyor function, handles vertical movement between different levels of the same aisle.


Key benefits

Suitable for specialist applications

Our shuttle-based pallet storage system is suitable for a wide range of specialist applications such as food, frozen environments, pharmaceuticals, and nondurable industries like paper.

Scalable and flexible storage solutions

With a highly scalable and flexible design, allowing for change and extension or reorganization on demand, you can easily adjust our solution in line with your business growth.

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The Körber differernces

Our groundbreaking shuttle-based pallet storage is a powerful solution to optimize space in your warehouse or distribution center, while increasing your operational efficiencies and eliminating manual labor requirements.

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