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Rail Guided Vehicles

Körber’s rail guided vehicles (RGVs) are designed to connect distant locations within your warehouse in a smooth, fast and highly efficient way. To optimize your transport systems, our innovative RGV systems use intelligent, high-speed rail guided vehicles that can be adapted to suit a wide range of load handling applications such as conveyors, telescopic forks and satellites.

Materials handling challenges

Transporting goods in warehouses and distribution centers generates key challenges:

  • In the ecommerce era, more and more products need to be transported.
  • Using traditional forklift trucks driven by humans is labor-intensive, time-consuming and prone to costly mistakes.
  • Conveyor systems are not the most efficient way to transport goods over long distances in warehouses.
  • Automation is essential if you’re looking to eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase productivity.

Solution sheet

Rail Guided Vehicles

Our rail guided vehicle solution, based on an intelligent high-speed monorail guided carrier system, is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Rail guided vehicles for optimized transport and storage

Our RGVs provide a cost-effective and high-speed option for complex sorting applications that include pallets, containers, totes, cartons and frames. This is a much more efficient alternative to long conveyor lines when it comes to transporting products over greater distances across your warehouse.

Our system is formed by the RGVs, which have a floor-fixed track rail (options include running rails, rail switching devices, lifts and maintenance areas, among others). In addition, we can provide specific elements, such as fences, access controls and light barriers, to ensure a completely safe working environment for warehouse workers.

Key benefits

Avoiding bottlenecks

Our RGVs provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conveyors and can help you to avoid bottlenecks, especially when there are large distances between, for instance, manufacturing and distribution areas.

Modular and flexible

No matter how complex your transport route, the smooth and constant movement of products is guaranteed, thanks to our modular and flexible design.

Eliminating downtime

Reducing downtime is also a key benefit of this innovative handling solution, as all RGVs within the system are interchangeable.

The Körber difference

With our RGVs, you can reduce your reliance on overly long and slower-paced conveyor lines, and increase speed for greater productivity gains when it comes to transporting goods across your warehouse. Ultimately, this automated solution will help you to significantly increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.


Körber vehicles in use:


Furniture retailer achieves reduced delivery times, better CX

Discover how an extendable rail-guided vehicle and WMS create a link between two warehouses.

Next (UK)

Körber has delivered a fully automated furniture and distribution center for the home & garden division of Next. As part of this extensive project, we developed an RGV system, which was the most cost-effective, flexible and resilient solution to connect operational areas across the warehouse. The system includes 76 RGVs, with a 1.8km loop and approximately 800 peripheral equipment sets.

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