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Pallet-to-tray technology


Proven solutions for fully automated downstream singulation that fit seamlessly with the Layer Picker.


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From pallet to single cases - automatically

Future-proof your business and reduce dependency on manual processes with fully automated depalletizing. Layer picking and downstream singulation solutions end-to-end, covering the entire process from source pallet to single unit or tray.

Seamless operation - day and night


The gentle handling of your products by our pallet-to- tray solution means that you get damage-free handling with a higher throughput than you get with manual labor.


Layers are picked, interlayers removed, cases singularized, tilted and turned on the fly in any desired orientation and loaded onto trays in multiple patterns.

Key Customer Benefits

Turnkey solution

Leave it to us! We can cover the entire pallet-to-tray sub-process of your project.


Efficient and flexible

Market leading efficiency. A system with high throughput fitting into most logistics solutions.


Versatile and reliable

Proven industry leading technology which handles a uniquely wide range of products.


The pallet-to-tray solution at a glance


Key functions:


  • Removal of slipsheets and interlayer sheets
  • Layers are separated into single cases
  • Turning and tilting of cases into any orientation
  • Outfeed of single cases, directly on the conveyor, or loaded onto a tray with 1 to 6 cases on each tray.



Key advantages:


  • Handles a broader range of packaging types than any other solution
  • Automated turnkey solution with full tracking of data
  • Seamless integration with the Layer Picker
  • Damage-free handling with high throughput
  • Combines hardware with digitization concept
  • AI-enabled technology


Modularized system


Many factors are decisive for what degree of automation is sensible and justifiable for your business.


As our pallet-to-tray concept consists of modules, it is easy to customize a solution with the level of automation that gives you the best ROI. Together, we will analyze your product mix, develop a business case, and tailor the solution that caters exactly to your needs.

Never hesitate to reach out and start a conversation, no matter your volume or the size of your warehouse. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.


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