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Proven technologies for pallet-to-tray handling that fit seamlessly with the Layer Picker.


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Transforming full pallets into single items on tray – automatically

After goods have passed through Layer Picker de-palletization, a slip sheet may need to be removed. In this instance, the layer would need to be singularized, and loaded into a tray. The Körber downstream modules – Stripper Plate, Descrambler, Box Turner and Tray Loading systems – can handle these complex tasks in one fast, gentle and seamless process.

Integrated with the Layer Picker, the Stripper Plate removes any slip sheets present under the layer before the descrambler separates the layer into single items. The Box Turner aligns the items on the fly – either short or long-side leading – preparing items for loading onto system trays in the high-capacity Tray Loading system.

Körber – your expert partner

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the pallet-to-tray process, we can deliver a range of complete, automated turnkey solutions to suit your needs. We can develop and implement the de-palletizing and downstream part of the project, and take overall ownership of the scope of the sub-process, leaving you to focus on optimizing your higher-level processes.

Stripper Plate

Slip sheets are often present between the pallet layers in order to provide transportation stability. The Körber Stripper Plate quickly and automatically removes the slip sheet while the layer is being pushed forward to the descrambler.


The Körber Descrambler takes a full layer and separates it into single items. It ensures high-speed and safe separation of the goods – including the most fragile ones.

Box Turner

The Körber Box Turner detects the orientation of the item and precisely rotates it to either short-side or long-side leading. This happens on the fly and without touching the items, allowing even fragile items to be handled at high speed without damaging them.

Tray Loading System

After correct orientation of items, the tray loading system ensures they are placed in the correct location, prior to tray loading taking place – one by one, in parallel or in series. The Körber Tray Loading system complies with different designs and sizes of system trays, and allows very gentle loading of the items into the trays at high speed.


  • Fits seamlessly together with the Layer Picker
  • Well-proven technology
  • Handles an extremely wide range of products
  • Gentle handling and high throughput without damage

The team behind the Layer Picker is very professional, and this has given us even more confidence in the solution, which delivered outstanding results from the first push of the button.

Stuart Alldridge
Senior Project Implementation Manager, Kraft-Heinz UK

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