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Körber’s conveyors are designed to ensure fast, efficient and accurate transfer of your goods between operational areas in an automated way. There are many different sizes and capacities, depending on what needs conveying – from light loads to unit loads or heavy loads. We have conveyors that can handle small items, as well as conveyors for pallets, or even larger and heavier objects if needed.

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Product transportation is an essential element of in-plant logistics. Precision handling is a prerequisite for optimal material flow.


Materials handling challenges

Transporting goods in warehouses and distribution centers generates key challenges:

  • In the ecommerce era, more and more products need to be transported.
  • Using forklift trucks and other manual techniques to move products is labor-intensive, time-consuming and prone to costly mistakes.
  • Automation is essential if you’re looking to eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase productivity.

Conveyors for optimized transport of products

Our conveyor systems cover the movement of all products in your entire logistics chain, from full or empty pallets and containers to totes and cartons. Körber’s conveyors are designed to efficiently move items to and from various process areas within your warehouse, or from one level to another.

With a wide range of solutions, our portfolio for pallet handling includes powered or gravity roller conveyors, chain conveyors, slat conveyors and more. These can be completed with special devices such as lifts, stackers, destackers and quality check stations.

For smaller goods, we offer roller-conveyor and belt-conveyor solutions, as well as all the additional components required for a complete system.

Key benefits

Bespoke solutions from standard elements

We have many different technologies to offer, and will work with you to supply the appropriate equipment for your specific business requirements. With dozens of proven, standardized products to choose from, we can create bespoke solutions that fit your needs.

Analyzing your requirements

Our engineers will evaluate the characteristics of your goods, the material flow, and your required operational performance. Using this analysis, we will determine which of our solutions best suits your requirements.

The Körber difference

Our conveyor systems are specifically engineered to bring greater levels of efficiency and productivity to your business, while enabling you to improve the way you transport products internally.

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