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Automated Guided Vehicles

Körber’s automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are designed to enable the safe and completely automated handling of goods to reduce your reliance on manual labor while optimizing your internal transport and storage systems.

Materials handling challenges

Transporting and storing goods in warehouses and distribution centers generates key challenges:

  • In the ecommerce era, more and more pallets containing products need to be transported and stored.
  • Using traditional forklift trucks driven by humans is labor-intensive, time-consuming and prone to costly mistakes.
  • Automation is essential if you’re looking to eliminate operational inefficiencies and increase productivity.

Solution sheet

Automated guided vehicles

AGVs enable the safe and completely automatic handling of goods, as they do not require a human operator.

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Automated guided vehicles for optimized transport and storage

Körber’s vehicles can be deployed in a wide range of different configurations such as reach truck, fork-over counterbalanced forklift, very narrow aisle, and so forth. We know that your requirements are unique and we have an AGV solution to suit you.

Autonomous navigation is achieved via laser reflection, sensors, inductive wire, magnetic strip/spots or a combination of these. It all depends on your warehouse or distribution center requirements.

From transporting goods to feeding production lines, one of the major advantages of our AGVs is that, for many applications, there is minimal need for additional infrastructure – no rails or tracks, just lasers, wires or magnets.

Key benefits

AGVs for all applications

For decades, Körber has developed an extensive line of AGVs, ranging from the standard single pallet forklift truck AGV to highly customized vehicles suited to specific customer applications.

AGVs for all environments

Our comprehensive range of products includes AGVs that are suitable for all types of environments, including clean rooms, outdoor applications and deep-freeze warehousing locations.

Battery exchange options

From manual replacement to fully automated battery exchange stations, our AGVs’ battery systems can be tailored to meet your business requirements.

The Körber difference

With our AGVs, you can reduce your reliance on costly forklift trucks and drivers, and manage your warehouse transport and storage processes more effectively. Ultimately, this will help you to significantly increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by storing more pallets in less time with greater accuracy.


Körber vehicles in use:


Making the most out of labor shortages

Using innovative technology to overcome 3PLs challenges

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The Navigator Company (Portugal)

This leading force in the international pulp and paper market uses Körber AGVs to accurately and quickly transport and store reels of paper, supply empty pallets, replenish packaging material and feed production lines. An automated battery exchange hub also increases efficiency, while a designated maintenance area ensures everything runs seamlessly.

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