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Körber solutions improve the performance of your storage areas through space-saving, labor efficiency and increased throughput.

Case study - AbInBev

Automated storage solution bolsters efficiency of Anheuser-Busch subsidiary

British brewer invests in technology to better store, manage and distribute its kegged, bottled and canned beer.

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Efficiently managing bulk storage can be a challenge

Restricted space is often a constraint for both new and existing facilities:

  • Storage facilities are faced with a higher product variety and stock turnover.
  • It can be an issue to find space for a growing range of products.
  • The demands of increased throughput can be restricted by the congestion caused by a growing number of forklift trucks.

Smart storage solutions

Körber provides smart solutions to address the challenges facing all organizations that need to store large quantities of goods, including FMCG retailers and manufacturers.

We look at your current processes and consult on how you can make the best use of your storage area. We then work with you to develop the best solution for your throughput and storage requirements.

Automated storage and retrieval solutions eliminate the need for forklift trucks. You can store more because you can go higher and you only need to use very narrow aisles.

Our automated stacker cranes can intelligently store and retrieve goods, giving you the most economical use of space.

With our pallet shuttle systems, you can achieve even higher storage density, whilst maintaining a high stock turnover.

Our fit-for-purpose technologies achieve the main goals of saving space, increasing efficiency and reducing manual labor, while providing inventory and process transparency at any time.

Michiel Veenman,

Key benefits

Tailored solutions

We have the expertise, flexibility and technology to offer the perfect storage solution for your project-specific requirements.

Precision and space-saving

Our pallet shuttle systems and stacker cranes automate both your storage and retrieval processes with complete precision. Their design minimizes the space they need and maximizes the use of your storage area.

Scalable solutions

Our portfolio covers a range of situations, offering you flexibility and scalability. Our pallet shuttle systems can grow with your needs by adding more shuttles into the installation as required.


We understand that the single most important criterion for bulk storage is cost per location. Our automated bulk storage solutions help you find the sweet spot between performance and cost. 

The Körber difference

Our state-of-the-art bulk storage solutions drive operational efficiency, cost value and higher throughputs, enabling our customers to provide high levels of service.

Our bulk storage customers are typically manufacturing firms, or larger-scale retailers.

Thomas Metz,


Industry leadership

We stay at the forefront through new, innovative technology.

Best use of existing space

We save space within your facility, both to store existing goods and increase capacity for goods receivables.

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