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Körber automates your receiving processes, from offloading and checking to put-away, storage and cross-docking. We minimize the complexity of your receiving systems, and at the same time optimize your outbound processes.

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eBay Enterprise goes all-in with automated logistics center upgrade

Sophisticated, upgraded solution enables e-commece giant to process several thousand units per hour

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Efficiency in receiving systems is a major challenge

Many organizations face growing complexity in processing incoming goods:

  • Shipment sizes are becoming more variable, while product ranges are broadening
  • Growing product assortments and reduced inventory, combined with shorter lead times for outbound orders, are putting the receiving process under pressure
  • Floor space restrictions, increasing transportation restraints and manual labor shortages are growing issues

Receiving requirements, processes and material flows vary widely between industries. Each shipment needs to be checked against its purchase order for both quantity and quality. Different goods need sorting and sometimes repacking before being stored in your warehouse.

Körber has the knowledge, experience, and integrated hardware and software capabilities to meet your specific goods receiving and processing needs. Our robotic and automated applications span across the entire offloading, moving, checking and storage process – from voice-directed forklifts, autonomous mobile robots and conveyor systems to automated storage and retrieval applications for pallets and small goods.

We design stacker crane and pallet shuttle solutions optimized to the size and shape of your premises and the characteristics of your inbound flows. Our solutions make it quick and easy to place goods onto high- density racking, then retrieve them when needed. We tailor our automated storage and retrieval systems to meet your business challenges, whether they are a high volume of product throughput, space constraints, or the complexity of your product range.

With the introduction of high-speed/high-density pallet shuttle solutions, automated storage is now more flexible and scalable than ever.

Michiel Veenman,

In addition, our cross-docking technologies allow you to offload directly onto outbound trucks, reducing the need for intermediate storage.

By understanding your business, we can also adapt your systems as your product requirements evolve over time.

Key benefits

New sites

We design the processes, material flows and systems to best optimize your new facility.

Existing sites

We analyze all the prerequisites and potential constraints of your existing facility and map them with the future requirements of your supply chain.

Integrated provision

Our concepting, design, engineering and implementation capabilities make us one of the globally leading supply chain solution providers


Modern automated technology is now more flexible than ever before. We can select and implement solutions that respond to the agility of your business.

The Körber differences

We are a lifecycle partner to our customers. We gain a complete understanding of your operations and business needs, and continuously monitor and improve your system once installed.

We accompany our customers over the entire supply chain lifecycle – from requirements analysis, concepting and design to implementation and continuous system optimization.

Thomas Metz,


Targeted outcomes

Through our leading design capabilities and drive to create the best outcome, we tailor every application to specific customer needs.

Real results

From B2B to B2C, traditional retail to e-commerce, manufacturing to third-party logistics, long-term storage to fast and frequent delivery, we deliver the right result.

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