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Körber’s consultants are on hand to make sure our customers make the right decisions when they are considering investing in solutions to improve their supply chain operations. Our consultants have unrivalled knowledge and expertise covering the entire supply chain, and all the associated technologies.

Warehouse industry challenges

Today’s warehouse organizations face a range of challenges:

  • Organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve logistics service levels to gain a competitive edge.
  • Recruiting people to work in warehouses is becoming increasingly difficult.
  • The dynamic supply chain logistics sector is constantly changing.
  • With more and more different products being introduced, space may be an issue.
  • The addition of automation and intelligence is usually the way forward but most organizations lack the knowledge and expertise to make the right decisions.

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How COVID-19 is affecting supply chains

Consulting and other supply chain solutions help companies weather the ongoing pandemic.

Körber’s consulting process

Körber’s consultants are here to help you maintain a competitive advantage with the right solution.

We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your existing operations and business requirements by, for instance, analyzing your order and shipping data. Then we’ll assess the technological and operational changes affecting your organization now and in the future.

Once we fully understand your business, we’ll create documentation defining your current systems versus your future goals. We will provide you with a range of automation ideas and discuss the pros and cons of each in terms of efficiency gains, flexibility, space savings and reduced order lead times. We will also let you know the cost of potential solutions.

Ultimately, our consultants will help you to make the right decision so you select the right automated supply chain system for your organization. In addition, we can fully manage the solution implementation.

From the very beginning of the project, when we first had the idea to build a new warehouse, we have really enjoyed collaborating with Körber’s consultants. This has resulted in a cost-efficient system that really gives us a competitive edge in our segment.

Camilla Haltbakk,
Logistics Manager, Wittusen & Jensen

Key benefits

Technology agnostic

Our impartial consultants will advise on, and help you select, the right automation solution for your organization. We have our own range of competitive products, but we are equally willing to procure and implement other products if they are better suited to your needs.

Depth of knowledge

With more than 4000 different installations worldwide, no other solution provider has the expertise and experience offered by Körber’s trusted advisors. Our portfolio of customers ranges from globally renowned multinationals to smaller localized businesses.

End-to-end supply chain solutions

Our solutions can be used to manage your entire supply chain. We also provide supply chain modeling and simulation software, which our consultants can use to ensure you adopt the right solution.

The Körber difference

For more than 30 years, Körber has been at the forefront of the supply chain logistics market. No other company has such a deep and extensive understanding of the warehouse industry. Our consultants tap into this unrivalled knowledge to help our customers gain a competitive advantage in their industry.



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