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Supply Chain Booster

Our digitally enabled products take layer picking and pallet handling technology into the digital future.


The new K.optimize AI – Supply Chain Booster product suite includes a line of upcoming digital products, including Operator Eye, Alarm Insights, and Machine Insights, all designed to optimize your warehouse performance and output.

The Operator Eye exceeds all expectations. I have seen several episodes that would previously have resulted in downtime. Now the Operator Eye handles it on its own with no need for manual intervention. It’s really impressive!

Testing Operator Eye

Our first product within K.optimize AI is the Operator Eye - a cutting-edge AI-powered efficiency-enhancing warehouse solution, that allows you to track and resolve layer picking errors – minimizing human intervention and downtime.


This is key to cutting the costly issues and downtime associated with operational demands, such as loose materials and pallet slip sheet errors. It also enhances transparency throughout your picking operation.

Operator Eye at a glance

These features enable you to reduce repeated errors by up to 75%, increase system availability, optimize goods handling, and maximize operational control.


  • Self-learning AI algorithm automatically resetting errors.
  • Compensates for slip sheet and plastic errors. 
  • Provides image tracking and proof of lost production time.
  • Provides analytics to help detect the root cause of machine stops.
  • Monitors your product picking.
  • Monitors master data issues.


Key customer benefits

Increased operation uptime

An additional uptime of more than 30 minutes per day per Layer Picker.


Minimized operational errors

The Operator Eye detected and compensated for more than 80 slip sheet errors on average per machine every week.


Root cause detection

The Operator Eye has identified more than 100 master data issues per site.


Based on data from the 10 sites where Operator Eye has already been installed. Over 1000 picks per machine have been monitored every day.

AI-driven technology

Operator Eye uses embedded cameras to capture operations during the picking process – but it is by far much more than a machine-mounted camera. It makes your Layer Picker and pallet handling technology intelligent. The AI-powered digital solution interprets the data and operator behavior to learn and solve common issues, such as trailing pallet wrap and problematic slip sheets. It can then make autonomous decisions and adapt to future-proof your operations.


Watch the video to see how it works!

Operator Eye specification

  • Four cameras, powerful IPC, and cutting-edge AI technology for instant camera recognition
  • Becomes autonomous within one month at 1200 picks per day.
  • High-performance Siemens Edge device to support future functionalities.
  • Connected via a secure cloud solution.

Operator Eye in action

We recently teamed up with GXO Logistics to develop our pioneering digital solution:


We now offer the option to include Operator Eye with all Körber Layer Pickers. Simply choose the levels of digital enablement to suit your operational needs. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

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