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Transportation Management with SAP

Intelligent optimization of your transport logistics.


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What is SAP Transportation Management?

The challenges of modern transportation management are complex and demanding; goods must be delivered to their destinations on time and cost-efficiently. Efficient transportation management is essential to meet these requirements. SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is the ideal solution for optimizing your transport processes and preparing them for the future.


Advantages of SAP Transportation Management (TM)

  • Comprehensive transparency: SAP TM gives you an instant overview of your transportation activities in real-time. The software provides real-time data that enables precise planning and monitoring of your transports.
  • Seamless integration: SAP TM can be seamlessly integrated into SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP. This allows you to easily incorporate your transportation management into your business processes and ensure end-to-end visibility.>
  • Optimized route planning: SAP TM offers advanced optimization functions to find the most efficient transport routes. This helps to minimize transportation costs and shorten delivery times.


  • Freight cost management: With SAP TM, you can effectively manage and optimize your freight costs. This leads to significant cost savings throughout your supply chain.
  • Real-time tracking: SAP TM provides real-time tracking and tracing, so you always know where your shipments are. This increases delivery accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Why you should implement your SAP-TM project with Körber

Trustworthy and future-proof partnership: Körber is characterized by long-standing partnerships and trusting cooperation with numerous companies worldwide. Our highly qualified SAP TM experts work closely with you to realize the optimal transport management solution for you. As an integral part of a global group, we strive for long-term partnerships to provide you with ongoing support.


Extension of the standard: With the help of our specially developed SAP-based add-ons, you can extend the SAP TM standard. These add-ons adapt flexibly to your individual requirements and extend the functionality of SAP TM according to your specific needs.


For our customers running SAP worldwide, it makes the most sense to completely integrate their supply chain processes on the SAP platform. This means every warehouse and every transport management solution needs to be SAP-based. As an international company, we can deploy SAP supply chain execution for these solutions on a global scale. That’s something not a lot of our competitors can do.

Karl-Heinz Kern,
CEO Consulting, Körber Business Area Supply Chain

Complete solutions from a single source: We are a general contractor and therefore offer not only SAP TM, but also comprehensive warehouse automation systems, system integration and consulting and implementation services. This provides you with holistic, customized solutions for your logistics.


Industry expertise: We have many years of cross-industry experience and can look back on extensive expertise in the implementation of SAP TM projects. Our specialists address the individual requirements of our customers and develop customized solutions for a wide range of business areas.

We are an official SAP Partner!

We have established ourselves as a recognized SAP partner thanks to the successful implementation of numerous SAP TM projects and many years of comprehensive support for our customers.


Find out today how we can work together to make your company more efficient. Together, we will establish efficient processes and increase your company's competitiveness. Rely on Körber and SAP TM to optimize your transport management!

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