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Part of a complete SAP supply chain management solution: The constant availability of data and systems is becoming increasingly important in supply chain management. This is why a fastest response and help when faults occur are critical success factors.


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In the complex environment of the SAP landscapes involved, consisting of application software, computer systems, networks, databases and peripheral equipment, determining the responsibilities of the partners involved can quickly become a problem. 


Körber’s Customer Support concept solves this problem with a complete offer of services from a single source, clear and central responsibility for the whole solution, sharp focus and extensive knowledge in the area of SAP landscapes.

Complexity in the support of complete supply chain solutions

While many companies have extensive IT knowledge, they may struggle with various challenges when it comes to support for complete SAP supply chain solutions:

  • Ensuring constant availability of SAP supply chain solutions around the clock 

  • Guaranteeing fast restoration of functionality of all components 

  • Identifying and preventing foreseeable malfunctions in advance

  • Continual development of technology results in employee know-how quickly becoming outdated
  • It is very difficult for employees in Support to work in the day-to-day business, therefore dedicated Support personnel are needed


  • SAP environments have their own rules and needs, which can differ greatly from proprietary environments; examples include their own database, patch management and transport facilities.

Comprehensive support for SAP supply chain solutions


Körber offers a complete range of Customer Support services that ensure the constant availability of your SAP supply chain solution. 


Helpdesk and subsequent application support


The Körber Hotline and Service Desk can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Service Desk provides first-level support, and includes if necessary the subsequent support stages for the SAP application software and IT systems concerned. Issues that cannot be resolved quickly by the Service Desk are transferred to Körber’s SAP application support, where experienced software experts are ready to provide the 2nd and 3rd level troubleshooting support. The Service Desk coordinates the troubleshooting until a solution is found.


Predictive support for IT systems


This service includes predictive maintenance for example of servers, high-availability clusters, the operating system and databases. Körber experts monitor customers’ operating systems during operation, and in so doing often detect potential problems before they actually occur. As a result, system availability is increased significantly by preventive measures.


Network: Operation and monitoring 


Körber’s services also include the monitoring and operation of customers’ LAN and WLAN networks. Because it is often not possible to quickly identify the cause of a fault, e.g. if an application function does not react as required on a mobile device, integration of this service is particularly important. 


Support for peripheral logistics equipment


Our services also include support for logistics devices such as radio data transmission terminals, voice systems and label printers. For example, this service includes necessary software updates, repairs and if necessary also the replacement of faulty equipment.

SAP Support Benefits

Full service from a single source

SAP system and IT infrastructure support from a single source ensure a fast response when there is a fault, and they optimize the availability of the whole solution.


All service levels from experts

Whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd-level support, Körber’s experts are available to you with a direct link to Product Development. Körber can also support the basic SAP system if necessary.


Flexibly adaptable SLAs

With tailored SLAs, you can also adapt flexibly to seasonal changes in your needs, e.g. over public holidays and holiday periods.


Körber’s team of experts can be relied upon fully, and we can have complete confidence that efficient application support will be provided even at short notice.

Heinz Haben,
Head of Global Logistics Processes & Systems, Villeroy & Boch AG

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