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Do you need solutions which augment the SAP standard functions? Here you can take advantage of the many years of logistics and software expertise of the Körber supply chain experts. Individual and specific requirements do not mean that you need to decide against SAP systems. On the contrary! With the release-ready add-ons that integrate seamlessly into SAP, you will improve the efficiency and quality of your Warehouse (SAP EWM) and Transport Management systems significantly. 

Track & Trace and Dock & Slot Management

With the proof of delivery, transport and delivery activities can be tracked in real time, the Dock & Slot Management ensures transparent and efficient time window control. Both Körber Supply Chain Cloud solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your SAP systems and augment the standard functions.

Courier, Express and Parcel Services

The CEP-cockpit optimizes your shipping processing for various CEP service providers (courier, express and parcel services). Among the add-on’s basic functions are the management of the routing and shipping provider master data, calculation of a shipping provider, shipping processing with shipping label printing as well as the creation and transfer of the daily closing via EDI. The integration of the add-on into the SAP landscape results in smooth shipping processing.

Process and Material Flow Emulation

The Process and Material Flow Emulation ensures smooth software implementations even when the project duration is short and the system complex. Through early interface and performance tests under real conditions, the add-on ensures that only fully tested and optimally running systems go live. A test environment maps exactly the planned, complete system without the necessity for conveyor and warehouse technology. Your new software can already be verified in the test phase – this reduces test effort and implementation time and project costs decrease. Tests can be repeated any time and can be carried out parallel to ongoing operation in your warehouse.

Load Space Optimization

The 3-D load space optimization supports you in assigning single and multi-stage packages to load carriers and/or load spaces. Taking packing regulations and restrictions into account, the add-on ensures the optimal packing of products in boxes, boxes on pallets and pallets in load spaces. By creating different profiles, you can use various optimization strategies. Load Space Optimization can be used in order entry, planning and freight cost management and perform tasks in planning simulation as well as operational and retrospective planning.

Transport Control System

Unlike many solutions available on the market, the Transport Control System enables the planning and control of cross-system, internal transport! No matter if it is forklift or tugger train traffic – the add-on creates transparency in materials tracking and ensures that the objects to be moved reach the right places at the right times with minimal resource consumption. The effects are the optimal use of resources, reduced stocks and stabilized production supply and disposal processes.

Dock & Yard Management

Whether simple time window bookings or complex transport: Dock & Yard Management is the perfect solution for efficiently planning and controlling transport in yards. Locations and routes can be displayed in a site layout or an integrated, interactive map – location assignments are displayed in a table format or as a Gantt chart. Transport resources for moving non-mobile transport containers and load media are planned and controlled via a transport control system. Yard Management processes can be supported through technical components such as terminals or cameras.

Dangerous Goods Management

When storing and transporting hazardous materials, many rules and laws must be adhered to, safety and rule-relevant master data must be maintained and kept up-to-date. No problem with Dangerous Goods Management: The streamlined and user-friendly add-on assures that hazardous substances are stored, packed and loaded according to regulations. This software solution considers transport facilitations (special regulations, small quantity rules, etc.) and enables the automated printing of accompanying dangerous goods documents. Dangerous Goods Management can be used to create operating instructions for dangerous goods and workstations and save them to a document registry in order to ensure work safety. It supports the work of the Health and Safety Officer by, among other things, tracking upcoming appointments (such as workstation inspections).

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