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Modernization measures play a crucial role in ensuring that your systems and machines are always state-of-the-art. But can such measures also be successfully implemented without impacting your ' day-to-day operations? Yes, we make it possible! 


We offer you low-cost and efficient solutions from our wide-ranging portfolio that include system improvements as well as upgrades of PLCs and IT systems.


Years of experience have taught us that no two modernization projects are alike. This is why a thorough assessment of your systems at the start of a cooperative collaboration is our top priority. We take a lot of time to analyze your specific requirements and to illuminate all aspects of the system life cycle and relevant interfaces. This is how we guarantee an individual modernization concept that can be implemented during day-to-day operations – without impacting your regular parcel operations.

System overhauls

To offer you maximum benefit, the complete modernization of the system mechanics and electronics are also part of our service portfolio. Upgrading at end-of-life can be performed parallel to system operation.


PLC upgrades

To ensure that your systems continue to run reliably in the future, the modernization of controllers and migration to industry standards is also part of our portfolio. You also benefit here from our experience with numerous projects.


IT upgrades

Upgrades of IT hardware and operating system, and adaptation of specific software applications, are also covered by our upgrades offering.


Increased performance through system enhancement

Modernization solutions enable you to increase the long-term performance of your systems and their throughputs – without interrupting operations.

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