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Flexible and Efficient Sorting - VarioSort 


Sorting varying parcel sizes with ease.


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VarioSort is designed to meet your every need. Our robust and highly-efficient electrical cross-belt sorter platform provides all the essential features necessary to meet growing sorting needs to a tee.


Our innovative system is based on over two decades of in-depth application and engineering experience. This solution is field proven to sort very light items (down to 0.1 kg) and can process up to 13,000 pieces per hour.

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible configuration and management in regard to length, carriers, outlets, transport speed, and identification
  • Very high sorting accuracy thanks to automatic parcel repositioning and item-specific discharge pattern




  • Super high efficiency thanks to precise induction
  • Flexible use, including slower speeds for fragile goods
  • Double-carrier functionality for a wider spectrum of parcels

Our VarioSort Parcel: Ideal for large parcels

The VarioSort Parcel is highly accurate in handling parcels – due to its active control of the item position on the cell and its discharge trajectory. It can also handle the widest range of shipment types.


The VarioSort Smalls: Designed for small parcels

The VarioSort Smalls is ideal for sorting smaller parcels. The VarioSort Smalls has two cross belts on one carrier, instead of one, to minimize the use of valuable space in automated parcel sorting centers.

Misplaced Item Clearer (MIC): Removes inter-cell items from cross-belt sorters automatically

Presenting our innovative solution for handling small, lightweight, and oddly shaped parcels: the Misplaced Item Clearer (MIC). You may be familiar with the problem of smaller and lighter e-commerce items that shift during induction. They roll or tilt from the belt and often land on the cover between the cross-belt carriers. The innovative MIC, which helps manage items on cross-belt sorters, solves this problem.


Using an intelligent sensor system, the MIC detects parcels that lie on the cover plates. Compressed air is used to automatically move them into a designated outlet. There are no interruptions, and consignments can continue for immediate processing. Because the MIC is installed at the cross-belt sorter itself, independently from sorter manufacturer, it can be incorporated quickly and easily. System IT integration is not needed. This will prevent delays in shipping, capacity constraints and increased costs.

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