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Dynamic Picking - VarioPick


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VarioPick is our highly efficient robotic solution for dynamic picking. Designed to flexibly enhance your sorting systems, it operates at high speed to remove pre-defined items from moving parcel streams.


VarioPick boosts the automation of parcel handling, even for difficult-to-handle consignments. Benefit from this innovative solution with highlights such as low investment and simple integration in less than 24 hours.

Benefits at a glance

  • Top picking rates and a throughput up to four times higher than manual processes
  • Low investment, simple integration and ready for operation in less than 24 hours
  • Highly scalable with the possibility to increase throughput by adding one or more VarioPick units




  • Service friendly with low maintenance


  • Stand-alone system with a small footprint and low operating costs

High-speed positioning and picking

Today, automation is the key to efficient and flexible parcel handling. However, many consignments – due to their size, shape or packaging – pose a threat to automated processes. Currently, these items require manual handling, which is time consuming and cost intensive.


VarioPick gets the job done fully automatically and four times faster! Features of this stand-alone system include an AI-based recognition system, an advanced control system and innovative gripper technology – all from Körber Supply Chain. VarioPick employs deep learning to precisely identify an object’s shape and position, and to determine the optimal gripping point. Highly scalable, VarioPick can be easily adapted to varying process demands, throughputs and more. The solution is flexible and includes the respective robot which is best suited for the use case. In addition, it has a very small footprint and can be put into operation within just one day.

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