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Belt conveyors in your parcel sorting system should handle a wide variety of transport loads while maintaining high availability. 


The modular conveyor platform was developed especially for the reliable and safe transport of parcels of all sizes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimized connections between conveyors so that even small items can be handled safely 
  • High reliability thanks to sturdy design and high-quality bearings and rollers 
  • Reduced costs for spare parts – because only seven spare parts are required 




  • Pinch-point-free connection sets to other equipment help prevent transport jams 
  • Maintenance-friendly design with short repair times of less than 30 minutes 

Modular and adaptable

The conventional SmartMotion belt conveyor is ideal for every day needs. 

For heavy-load applications, such as bulk loaded conveyors, opt for the PeakMotion heavy-load belt conveyor. Standardized interfaces for a wide range of ensure steady operations and a smooth material flow. A variety of add-ons and accessories are also available. 

Our conveyor is the ideal belt conveyor for precisely positioning and sorting high volumes of parcel with high frequency and for short accelerating and braking distances. It can also be used for parcels that need to be transported over long distances. Because of our system's modular design, you can specify length and inclination to suit your purposes and enjoy more flexibility. 

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