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Parcel Data Hub breaks up data silos and enables effective use of the large amounts of information available in parcel sorting facilities – for operational excellence. This central platform integrates in real time data sets from divers sources.


As a homogeneous data pool, it forms a reliable basis for fast and seamless parcel handling, optimized asset utilization, and significant cost savings.

Benefits at a glance

  • Benefit from a single point of truth on the actual condition of each parcel as well as equipment in your sorting network
  • Perform extensive audits thanks to a complete history of every item processed
  • Benefit from fast decision-making processes based on comprehensive real-time data


  • Implement Parcel Data Hub quickly and easily by virtue of open interfaces and standards, and a microservice concept
  • The software-as-a-service model guarantees the highest data security standards – while maximizing availability, data protection, data integrity and data consistency and optimizing IT operating costs

A reliable pool of standardized data

Parcel Data Hub integrates safely and reliably data sets related to individual items, assets or operations from various systems. Any kind of input from any source can be connected in real time. Thanks to data normalization, process data from various sorting equipment and IT systems is easily combined and compared. The result: a reliable pool of standardized data.


Parcel Data Hub provides open interfaces, whether for item tracking information, parcel images, or machine status events. By providing standardized semantic data models in an open environment, you are able to connect any kind of analytic apps – from reporting and forecasting to optimization, from any source. The platform ensures the highest security standards while optimizing IT costs. On top of that, Parcel Data Hub is completely independent and can process data generated by our sorting systems, as well as those from other manufacturers.

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