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Stack Palletizer KST05 / Layer Palletizer PA14

Designed for limited spaces and multiple product formats, the case stacker is the first choice for fully automated stacking and palletizing. Not only can it stack palletized plastic cases, meat crates and nestable carton trays (including trays with stacking corners), but it can also stack cartons and bakery baskets without pallets.

The Layer Palletizer PA14 is particularly suited for palletizing pre-stacked containers, with an upstream shuttle system that supports handling of mixed product stacks and pallet loads.


Each KST05 case stacker positions products in a tower and buffers them in lanes aligned to the production lines. After four stacks or two stack pairs have been formed, they are grouped into one case stacking unit to be loaded onto pallets. Case stacks are transferred onto the sliding apron of the PA14, which positions the empty pallet and lowers the stacks onto it. An electrically driven side compression maintains the stack position.

Stack Palletizer KST05 / Layer Palletizer PA14 Benefits

  • Economic and maintenance-friendly stack palletizer
  • Variable plastic case and carton tray stacking heights
  • Automatic product and format changeovers reduce downtime



  • Unit performance can be expanded through additional stackers
  • Supports industrial, Euro and Düsseldorfer half pallets

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