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Layer Palletizers

Our Layer palletizers are precision-designed to handle high throughputs and are suited for limited production plant spaces.



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Industrial pallet challenges

Meeting the demands of today’s multi-channel, multi-fulfillment market creates several palletizing challenges, particularly for small-to-medium sized production plants:

  • High-volume, mixed product throughput, including both pallet crates and delicate items


  • Limited plant floor and ceiling space
  • Costly and time-consuming equipment installation
  • Limited equipment operator availability and training time

Layer Palletizer PA15

Fast but gentle, the PA15 is ideal for palletizing sensitive products. In the high-speed range it can palletize up to 10 layers/min. at pallet heights up to 2,800 mm, layer sizes up to 1,500 x 1,500 mm and layer weights up to 150 kg.

By conveying rather than pushing, the palletizer moves rows of products or entire layers.


A placement belt slides under the bundle, sets it down at its destination, secures it and withdraws to ensure continuous product flow. Using our intelligent control system, pallet layer patterns can be formed with gaps. The upstream grouping system can also grasp individual products and arrange them in any formation.

Layer Palletizer PA15 Benefits

  • Easy-to-program ‘Pallet-Maker’ layer pattern designing tool
  • Industry 4.0 capable with predictive and remote maintenance
  • Highly flexible pallet layers/layout configuration
  • Small footprint and minimum control cabinet size


  • Multiple level palletizer infeed heights, including floor-level-palletizing
  • Precisely aligned, four-sided compression layer formation
  • Adaptable to new requirements using modular extensions and upgrades

Layer Palletizer PA08

Perfect for palletizing bundles, cartons, and containers, the PA08 is well suited to display pallets for the hygienic paper industry. It can also be combined with other palletizers, either as a single-line palletizer or multi-line palletizer, to form a palletizing center.


The PA081 features a lengthwise pallet run – crucial for palletizing bags. In addition to supporting both lengthwise and crosswise runs, the PA082 can handle heavier loads.

Layer Palletizer PA08 Benefits

  • High output rate for a wide product range
  • Precise operation supports direct production of sales-ready pallets
  • Toolless format changes offer quick and easy product changeover


  • Small footprint facilitates integration into existing palletizing lines
  • Modular design adapts easily to any layout
  • Extendable through our modular system

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