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Paired with a robot palletizer, our grippers ensure safe and secure gripping of pallets and products, helping to maintain the productivity of your palletizing tasks.


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Matching your gripper to the task

Choosing the right gripper for your palletizing robot is crucial to optimizing your results. We provide a range of palletizing grippers to match your needs, including highly specialized grippers to support even the most complex palletizing tasks.


Pallet grippers can be classified as either clamping, fork, suction, or magnetic grippers. These can be used to handle the entire range of products, including cartons, boxes, baskets, trays, bags, foil packs, buckets, and bottles.

Clamp Gripper GR24

Powered by high-quality servo drive technology, the GR24 can grip and place products at high speeds.


It is able to do this with precision, using springy carbon fingers to clamp the product gently on either side.

Layer Gripper GR171

Designed to grasp complete product layers, this gripper can handle 4 bakery baskets, meat market cases/E2 containers, box trays (with insertion plates/base cut-outs), and boxes of 4–8 pieces per layer.


It effortlessly positions these items by centering the layer exactly on, or inside the previous one.

Fork Gripper GR25

The GR25 is universally adaptable, palletizing products ranging from closed boxes and open box trays to bags and foil-wrapped bundles.


By adding an optional unit, it can also handle interleaves and empty pallets.

Layer Gripper GR26

Using exchangeable hooks adapted to the palletized product, the GR26 can palletize buckets or bucket stacks of various shapes and sizes.


It can also handle empty pallets and paper or cardboard interleaves to form double pallets.

Layer Gripper GR27

This multi-purpose layer gripper handles complete layers made up of a variety of different products.


It also supports palletizing and depalletizing tasks.

Clamp Gripper GR40

The GR40 can palletize cartons and boxes in multiple formats, as well as interleaves.


Grippers Benefits

  • Assortment of palletizing gripper types for a variety of applications
  •  Simple pallet configuration with the appropriate gripper



  • Quick format changeovers with little or no pallet gripper changes
  • Supports interleaves and pallets, reducing the number of machines required


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