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Palletizing Logistic Services

We provide our customers with a range of high-quality, low-maintenance palletizing equipment and services to guarantee the optimization of palletizing for production plants around the world.

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Palletizer maintenance challenges

Today’s high-throughput production plants present a number of challenges for logistics managers and palletizer operators, but crucially they center around:

  • Technical issues and costly downtime
  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Sourcing spare parts

Körber – there when you need us

By providing both the machinery and the support, we are able to manage even the biggest palletizer maintenance and logistics challenges. Not only is our equipment built to last and easy to maintain, but it is also backed by a team of expert service personnel, on hand to resolve any issue in the unlikely event of a problem.

What we offer as standard:

  • Spare parts – Extensive spare parts warehouse and tailored spare parts packages
  • Tailor-made palletizermaintenance concept – Bespoke, guaranteed maintenance service cuts downtime and aids annual budget planning
  • Palletizer upgrades, alterations, and retro-fitting – Rectifying installation weak points, such as safety issues, energy inefficiencies and maintenance intensity, reduces the likelihood of machine failures and downtime
  • Task force support and palletizer troubleshooting– 24/7 expert-staffed service hotline ensures malfunctions are quickly resolved, often via remote palletizer maintenance access
  • Operator and maintenance training – Staff can familiarize themselves with the technology, reducing malfunctions and downtime
  • Processes and installation optimization – We analyze and adjust the installation to enhance equipment stability and performance

Key benefits

Tailored maintenance

Combining a tailor-made palletizer maintenance service with a spare parts package increases the availability and life of the installation.

Process optimization

Continual optimization of palletizing installations speed up plant production when it comes to product changes.

Inclusive upgrades

Free upgrades and alterations increase plant safety, energy efficiency, and ease of operation.

The Körber difference

We provide a complete palletizing logistics service package, tailored to individual customer requirements. This includes a choice of high-performance palletizing equipment, as well as a second-to-none expert support and maintenance service – all designed to support hassle-free installation and the ongoing optimization of palletizing, in even the most demanding logistics settings.


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