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Pallet Conveyors and Accessories

We provide regular and heavy duty pallet conveyor units to support the multidirectional transfer of pallets to meet the demands of today’s production plants.

Pallet conveyors

Case Study – Bakery

Really good palletizing of baked goods

An efficient overall system for fully automatic pallet and empty crate logistics that allows decoupling of processes.

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Lengthwise and crosswise conveyors

Built to handle the heaviest pallet loads, our power-driven pallet roller conveyor is primed for transporting empty or full pallets in the lengthwise direction. A large roller diameter and narrow roller spacing, guarantees quiet and smooth pallet transportation.

For transporting pallets in the crosswise direction, our double-chain, pallet chain conveyors are the perfect choice. These are fitted with small idlers to support jerk-free transfer at the connection points.

Pallet Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Our chain conveyors are heavy-duty, with 3-phase gear motors for the transport of heavy goods, EURO-Pallets, and large containers. They consist of two parallel rectangular profiles with screw-secured plastic slide rails for the chain conveyor belt run. Idler units enable the smooth transfer of pallets when transported transversely.

To operate the chain conveyor effectively, the product base must be level or fitted with skids running at right angles to the working direction.

Transfer units

For many plants, transporting pallets in one direction is not an option. This is why we provide a choice of transfer units – or pallet turntables – to change the directional flow.

Switching direction at a 90° angle, our parallel pallet lifter or swivel lifter units can change the pallet direction from lengthwise to crosswise – or the other way around – at the transfer station.

Our pallet turntable units make any angle within the track run possible, orientating or re-orientating pallets in either lengthwise or crosswise direction as required. A pallet turntable with a continuous turn drive is ideal for larger rotation angles – e.g. for all-round labeling or all-round visual inspection.

Modular design benefits

  • Pallet lifts for pallet placement/removal via manual pallet shuttle car
  • Pallet shuttle cars for distribution or lane connection
  • Platforms and crossovers for operating personnel
  • Pallet dispensers for empty pallet distribution
  • Accumulation roller lanes for buffering and provision
  • Tailor-made designs for bespoke customer requirements
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