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Lightweight Conveying Equipment

Lightweight conveying equipment is crucial for optimal in-plant material flow, offering a precise, but economical solution for the transportation of goods such as packs, containers, and cases. Covering belt, roller conveyor, and chain conveyor equipment, it is perfectly designed for the rigors of a dusty, high-throughput consumer goods logistics, supporting the transportation of both light and heavy products.

Lightweight conveying equipment

Good handling challenges

Without suitable equipment, conveying goods around the production plant can present significant challenges for staff and management teams:

  • Moving goods around manually, particularly in high-volume production and distribution environments, can be time consuming and prone to mistakes
  • Dusty product logistics environments are not only problematic for staff, but can also result in equipment malfunction
  • Certain conveying solutions are only suitable for transporting specific product dimensions, and limited to larger consumer goods logistics

Optimizing the flow of lightweight goods

We offer a range of vertical, belt, and roller conveyor systems to support optimal material flow across a variety of product logistics settings. Worker safety is also built in, with every conveyor driven by gear brake motors with safety clutches.

Roller conveyors are the simplest and most economical solution for the horizontal transport of lighter products. These conveyors can be adapted to a variety of space conditions and are impervious to dust. Our driven roller conveyor systems support heavier or more sophisticated transport and distribution tasks, while a curve roller conveyor maneuvers products safely around corners.

Offering a choice of drive and tension units to suit belt length and load, our belt conveyors can handle both light and moderately heavy products. There are also options to add elements such as leader belts, frame bends and curved idlers.

Our modular design means that our products can be applied in a number of ways, enabling customers to easily add hangers, guide rails and other elements as required.

All conveyors are electrically pre-installed and ready for connection to a PLC controller.

Conveyors and vertical lift

Conveyors and Vertical Lifts

Details on our range of lightweight conveyor equipment.

Key benefits

Quick and precise

Our conveying equipment accelerates throughput times, while improving processing precision and worker conditions through optimally planned material flow.

Interface compatibility

A large assortment of standardized components reduces the need for additional interfaces, and therefore implementation.

Easy maintenance

The most important settings and adjustments can all be carried out with a single wrench.

The Körber difference

We provide a comprehensive suite of industry-leading conveying solutions, designed to optimize the transportation of goods even in the most demanding consumer goods logistics environments. Through a combination of adaptable solutions and industry expertise, we can always find the best solution to suit your business needs.

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