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SAP BTP: A technology platform to optimize logistics

Efficiency is the be-all and end-all in logistics. To optimize your processes and successfully master the challenges of the market, you need the best tools. Today we would like to introduce you to SAP BTP - a technology platform that can make a real difference for logistics companies.

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Revolutionize your supply chain: How automation systems unleash peak efficiency

In an ever-evolving supply chain, automation systems are emerging as a catalyst for change. These intelligent solutions change the way things flow, how warehouses operate, and to meet customer demands. Among notable innovations, Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) stands out as a game changer.

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The future of parcel and mail logistics: innovation and sustainability

In this era of continuous change, the logistics industry is always on the lookout for creative solutions that meet rising demand while minimizing environmental impact.

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Supercharge your warehouse profits!

How do you handle more SKUs and faster deliveries with fewer employees? If you are in warehousing and supply chain logistics for the long run, you should be considering this question.

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5-Step guide to warehouse automation: Streamline your operations today

In the dynamic world of supply chains, warehouse automation is the compass that guides businesses to operational excellence.

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Here is your data lake: Go fish!

Ten years into the digital revolution within warehouse automation, a surprisingly large part of our customers still doesn’t collect data.

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Efficient route planning: optimizing the use of costs, time and resources

Efficient route planning: optimizing the use of costs, time and resources

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Migrating Your SAP Warehouse Module to S/4Hana – Part Three

You are using a WM or proprietary WMS and want to switch to EWM. When is the right time to do this?

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Migrating Your SAP Warehouse Module to S/4Hana – Part Two

How long and under what conditions can I still operate my decentralized LES (WM)?

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Migrating Your SAP Warehouse Module to S/4Hana – Part One

I frequently receive questions about the conversion of SAP WM to S/4HANA, especially when SAP WM is in use.

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Revolutionizing Supply Chains with Robotics: Michael Heidu reflects on key advancements and potential trends of AI and Robotics in Intralogistics

Michael Heidu, Product and Solution Manager at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, shares valuable insights on the growing adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics, shedding light on key advancements and potential trends.

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NECS and Körber Close Deal to Establish Largest Automated Freezer Warehouse in Vietnam

New Era Cold Storage Joint Stock Company (NECS) partners with Körber to create Vietnam’s largest automated freezer warehouse. With an advanced Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), NECS aims for efficiency, sustainability, and industry leadership.

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Evolving Logistics: Insights from Dr. Kerstin Höfle on Smart Logistics, Sustainability and Labor Shortages

Dr. Kerstin Höfle, VP of R&D and Product Management at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, explores some of the current industry trends and challenges.

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Efficient planning and flexible control of internal material transport

K.Motion S/TCS – an SAP-integrated add-on from Körber.

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Looking ahead – The future of Supply Chains

In a world of evolving consumer demands, intricate global networks, and rapid technological advancements, supply chain management has emerged as a critical factor for success across industries.

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AI-Enhanced Depalletizing: A Technical Breakthrough

An artificial intelligence add-on to our Layer Picker has made it possible to automate steps that previously required time-consuming human intervention. Solving the practical issues leads to a magnificent number of additional benefits.

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Logistics Application Service Project: SAP logistics software for Roche

Together with Körber Supply Chain Consulting, the biotechnology company Roche has harmonized and standardized its logistics.

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Benchmarking Digitization and Process Automation in today’s supply chains

In this blog article, we talk about our findings regarding the importance of Digitization and Process Automation for businesses in the supply chain and how strategy and software come into play.

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On Time In Full (OTIF) in supply chain: how can technology help improve performance?

How can eCommerce businesses become aware of their performance? How should they keep track of how well are they are delivering on what was promised to their customers? OTIF is the measure to pay attention to when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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Five ways to improve your online shopping experience

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Cold Chain Automation - The Körber Advantage

In the past few years, the world of supply chain management has seen an explosion of cutting-edge technologies and practices to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. The implications of these developments are far-reaching and have changed the way we manage warehousing.

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SAP EWM and Autonomous Mobile Robots

Ever more processes within operational logistics are being automated by using AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), thus simultaneously increasing efficiency and flexibility.

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How innovation in warehouse operations set Parts Town up for success

The business improved inventory accuracy by over 30% and picking rates by over 20% implementing a warehouse management system.

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How to use audited data in parcel logistics to make informed decisions

Jacob Carey elaborates on ways to use the information you gathered for making informed decisions, streamline operations and save costs.

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A Case for Automating your Warehouse

With the easy availability of ready meals and home delivery services, a rising interest in different diets, and the aftereffects of the pandemic, the demand for frozen food, and hence cold storage, continues to increase.

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Benchmarking Labor Engagement in today’s supply chains

Körber set to find out how successful companies are incorporating Labor Engagement, Safety and Efficiency in their supply chain operations to overcome the global labor shortage with its Benchmarking Report.

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The value behind a parcel audit

With shipping and fulfillment costs representing between 15 to 20% of a business’ operational costs, small changes can have a big impact – which this blog article investigates.

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Optimization in SAP TM - Which topics can you influence in your transport logistics?

Once the product has been finalized, the same demand arises in the environment of B2B business relationships as a result of today’s “Next Day Delivery” mentality: Deliveries that are fast and, best of all, cost-effective!

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The state of retail: best practices to ease the returns process for retailers

Retailers and consumers agree – returns are a pain. In this interview, Natalie Walkley, Marketing Director OMS, discusses how smart strategies and modern tech can ease the burden of reverse logistics and optimize the process for both businesses and consumers.

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Körber Career Pioneers: Christine Hirtz

In our new people series, you’ll get to know the people behind our company. For this first article in the series, we met with Strategic Account Manager Christine Hirtz to learn more about herself and her rol

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Benchmarking agility and resilience in today’s supply chains

Körber set to find out how successful companies are incorporating supply chain agility and resilience to meet customer demands and conquer supply chain complexity with its Benchmarking Report.

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How to become a shipper of choice

With persisting supply chain issues, the codependent relationship between shipper and carrier is all the more important.

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Although not quite the new game in town, gamification takes off

Companies implementing the technology aim to improve employee engagement and retention.

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How an OMS provides a competitive advantage

Despite becoming commonplace in commerce in recent years, companies have yet to unlock the full competitive advantage an Order Management System (OMS) can bring to their operations.

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The power of the Körber Ecosystem!

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain that involves transportation of perishable or temperature-sensitive products. Through refrigerated storage and distribution, the required temperature is maintained to preserve quality and increase shelf life of perishable products, and thus reduce food waste.

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Barriers to achieving supply chain agility and resilience

Both resiliency and agility are crucial to a business' ability to survive when disruptions hit to successfully mitigate their risk. Especially since COVID, their importance has become even more prominent.

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Sustainability in Supply Chain Automation

Sustainability is a central focus nowadays, and developing sustainable solutions and products is a major challenge for our industry in the 21st century. Companies in general are committed into finding innovative ways to meet this challenge and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Delivering Agility, Visibility and Resiliency through End-to-End Supply Chain Integration

Roderick Gaines, Research Director, Warehousing, Inventory & Order Management elaborates on the importance of end-to-end supply chain technology for improved operations.

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How can cold supply chains help ease the global problem of food waste?

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain that involves transportation of perishable or temperature-sensitive products. Through refrigerated storage and distribution, the required temperature is maintained to preserve quality and increase shelf life of perishable products, and thus reduce food waste.

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Five options for order management: pros and cons of each approach

Order management can be handled by different systems - we take a look at the options.

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Future Proof Your Supply Chain with Körber Supply Chain and BALYO

As the supply chain environment rapidly evolves, automation should be the top agenda item for global logistics leaders. We sat down with Josh Couturier, BALYO Sales Engineer ANZ, to learn how businesses can future proof their supply chains by partnering with Körber Supply Chain and BALYO – technological leaders in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling forklifts.

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Guest video blog article: Quadrant Knowledge Solutions on how voice solutions are transforming the warehouse space

This video blog article addresses how voice-directed warehouse technology is making its headway into warehouses.

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Advanced strategies for parcel rate shopping in an evolving supply chain era

This video blog article goes beyond the basics of parcel rate shopping to understand best practices when using advanced methodology for rate shopping.

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Meet the fast 3D storage solution that boosts logistics

The Attabotics solution cleverly uses short & predictable response times in combination with the space below the storage area to enable efficient sequencing. Do you need your heavy product before the fragile ones? That would not be a problem with this solution.

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Quick guide to Order Management Systems (OMS)

What brands and retailers need to know about order management systems (OMS) – the core commerce technology.

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UKWA guest blog article: Walking on sunshine

Only 5 percent of warehouses in the UK have solar panels on the roof - that means there's a lot of untapped potential. The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) looked into the why.

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Rising inflation: Establishing a resilient supply chain is key to weathering the storm

The cost of living is rapidly rising in Australia and around the world. With the price of household goods, energy and materials soaring, how can supply chains navigate the current financial pressures and mitigate risk in such a disruptive environment?

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What is sustainability for your supply chain?

The 6R Perspective goes beyond "reduce, reuse, recycle". In this blog, we look at the more comprehensive understanding of sustainability in the supply chain.

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Supply Chain Parcel Logistics debut at Parcel+Post Expo 2022

Parcel+Post Expo celebrated its 25th anniversary in style! And we took the chance to showcase our latest parcel logistics solutions, in its biggest event to date, for the first time as part of Körber.

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Latest Updates to FDA Regulations for Serializing Drugs in the US and How Körber Can Help

Körber Supply Chain Consulting (KSCC) North America Attended the 2022 Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Traceability Seminar to Apply the Latest DSCSA Revisions to Their Award-Winning Track and Trace Software and Offer a Solution.

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Why you should implement your project with Körber

Körber is a leading international technology group with around 12,000 employees and more than 100 locations worldwide.

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Investing in the Future: Putting sustainability at the heart of the supply chain

Over the past few years, Australian companies and their supply chains have been inundated with a growing number of disruptions, fuelled by mega trends such as globalisation, technological advancements and, most concerningly, climate change. No longer something we can ignore; sustainability has become the key driver for business success and is essential to the positive public image of any organisation.

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Partner Perspectives: Key Trends in Supply Chain

In this video interview with one of Körber’s top partners, Brandon Gzehoviak, Director of North America Partner Ecosystem at Körber, sits down with Bricz CEO Ram Gopalakrishnan to talk about current supply chain trends.

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Myths, principles & concrete approaches: Digitalization in logistics

Digitalization should not be an end in itself, but should move processes away from paper and personal presence, and into computers and the Internet, to make people's lives easier or to make the process more cost-effective.

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Reimagine your approach to facility optimization

Körber set to find out how successful companies are incorporating facility optimization in their supply chain to meet customer demands and conquer supply chain complexity with its Benchmarking Report.

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Is my warehouse ready for AMR?

Despite some major leaders declaring the pandemic ‘over’, some far-reaching megatrends are here to stay, and their impact on supply chain and logistics is more prominent than ever. While automation technology has been a major feature of warehouses, manufacturing and logistics for some time,the use of  autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) has pushed the barriers. Discover how you can benefit from implementing AMRs & how they are helping businesses around the world conquer major industry challenges.

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Why 2023 will be about stepping out of survival mode

While there are still businesses operating in Covid-19 survival mode, in 2023, we need to move on from that way of thinking and take our supply chains forward. Anthony Beavis, Managing Director at Körber Supply Chain Software ANZ, disucsses key trends he expects the industry will see in 2023.

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Why Körber should become your new employer

The slogan #homeforentrepreneurs describes it very well; doers and entrepreneurs come together, and Körber actually consists of more than 100 companies. The vast majority of them are leaders in their segment, an important topic for Körber.

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Industry Ecosystems Power Digital-First, Sustainable Supply Chain Operations

Jeff Hojlo, Research Vice President, Future of Industry Ecosystems, investigates the impact of climate change on supply chains and how this promotes a green, collective ecosystems.

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Transformation doesn’t have to wait

Today’s businesses are facing a long and every-changing list of operational challenges including supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, demands for faster shipping. The need for companies to implement high performing, flexible and reliable automation systems is growing faster than ever. 

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The skills shortage, and what has it to do with logistics IT?

The long-heralded demographic change is omnipresent and perceptible every day. The resulting battle for qualified specialists and managers is becoming increasingly fierce, and the transformation from an employer market to an employee market happened long ago.

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How AMRs are transforming warehouse operations

Autonomous mobile robots are increasingly deployed in warehouses to tackle labor and e-commerce challenges. Analyst Quadrant Knowledge Solutions elaborates.

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Relocating with your Automation.

Automated warehouses aren’t a new concept of course. Robotics solutions have been used for years to streamline workflows and increase productivity and efficiency. However, relocating automation has historically been too complex and expensive to consider – but that has changed. 

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Face-to-face networking returns at CeMAT Australia!

Körber Supply Chain’s ANZ team returned to in-person events last month at CeMAT Australia, one of the world’s leading trade shows for intralogistics, materials handling and supply chain management. Discover the key pain points and challenges discussed by attendees. 

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The Dynamics of Autonomous Mobile Robots and its Business Imperatives

Autonomous mobile robots are increasingly considered as a flexible option in the warehouse, offering a competitive advantage. Quadrant Knowledge Solutions' analysts report.

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Will same-day delivery ever become a reality in Australia?

Australia’s dramatic shift to online shopping is showing no signs of slowing down, putting increased pressure on retailers to provide fast, convenient and reliable delivery. As a result, the rush is on to win the same-day delivery race – but is it realistic in Australia? 

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Benchmarking progress in creating greener supply chains

Körber set to find out how successful companies are incorporating supply chain sustainability to meet customer demands and conquer supply chain complexity with its Benchmarking Report.

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Supply Chain Resiliency: What It Means and Why It's Imperative

Simon Ellis, Program Vice President, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC, explains what resiliency means in a supply chain context and why it's crucial in this day and age.

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Artificial intelligence across the entire product portfolio

Singulation and tracking of difficult-to-handle small e-commerce items has been significantly improved with artificial intelligence (AI).

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Better decisions with data-driven software

As the number of The Internet of Things (IoT) devices grows, so too does the volume of data generated. Hub and Network Booster from Körber use artificial intelligence to analyze data from parcel operations in sorting centers. The resulting insights are especially valuable for optimizing parcel logistics.

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We let data speak the same language

In parcel sorting centers, data is generated by a large range of equipment. However, until now there was no easy way to bring all that information together – to support decision making and to make hub operations more efficient. Parcel Data Hub changes that.

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How leaders are addressing supply chain complexity, by the numbers

Körber set to find out how successful companies are acting differently in the supply chain to meet customer demands and face the challenges of tomorrow head-on with its Benchmarking Report.

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Enhancing flexibility with the new Layer Picker AMR

For companies seeking a fast, reliable, and flexible way to pick and transport goods, the Layer Picker AMR is the right automation solution – a unified, affordable way to turn supply chain complexity into opportunity.

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The Cobot Proposition: Enhance workflows and empower employees.

Our dedicated AMR team in APAC discuss how cobots can improve operations in the DC as well as explore the unique benefits they bring to supply chain and retail operations.

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How rising consumer expectations impact the supply chain

Rising rates of consumer expectations in eCommerce has shifted how retailers approach their supply chain operations.

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The growing need for agile and resilient supply chains

Taking measures to develop a more agile and resilient supply chain is critical as today's supply chains are more vulnerable than ever to operational and environmental disruptions.

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Learn how to increase your efficiency with the Palletizing Robot PA15

A common goal among supply chain operations all around the world is to achieve top palletizing efficiency. Palletizing systems play a crucial role in the overall performance of entire operations and can no longer be looked at as independent or isolated parts.

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Labor Engagement in the COVID age

How to keep your labor workforce engaged and efficient while navigating rising eCommerce trends in the COVID era.

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Garden State Cold Storage increases daily shipped orders by 650% with Körber warehouse management system

The cold storage and packaging logistics company experiences phenomenal growth after implementing supply chain software.

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Your Robot Has Never Heard of The Great Resignation

Jordan Speer, Research Manager, Global Supply Chains, IDC Retail Insights, dives into how robotics are changing labor in the warehouse.

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Congratulations to our Elevate Americas 2022 Customer Award winners!

Every year, we celebrate the successes of our customers as part of our annual Elevate conference. Now, it is time to present this year’s winners who have gone above and beyond to meet and exceed today’s demands.

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Finding safety and security in the cloud

How a warehouse management system in the cloud keeps your data and business safe and flexible. Scott Brask, Vice President Cloud and Security Operations, elaborates.

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Smart warehouses are on the rise – here’s why and how to get yours there

Digitization helps meet supply chain complexities to better enable efficiency, accuracy, scalability and predictability. Richard Stewart, Executive Vice President Americas, Körber Supply Chain Software, elaborates.

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How to solve global warehouse fulfillment challenges by using autonomous mobile robots

How robot technology is increasing productivity in the warehouse. Nishan Wijemanne,Managing Director Asia/Pacific/Global Leader AMR/Robotics, elaborates.

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Why the time for supply chain resiliency is now

How to prepare your supply chain for unexpected disruption in an increasingly complex logistics world. Zubair Amla, Director, Presales, elaborates.

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Build a more sustainable supply chain using robust warehouse technology

Food and beverage retailers, including those in the cold chain, tackle challenges with award-winning technology.

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Christmas trees the latest victim of supply chain crisis

Climate change and the rise of COVID-19 Omicron variant threatens the Christmas tree industry's supply chain.

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How warehouse efficiency in the cold chain increases with automation

As consumer reliance on chilled and frozen foods rises, so, too, do modern technology solutions to satisfy those needs. Mark Vogt, Sales Director Automation, elaborates.

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Körber demonstrates automation expertise at first Logistics & Automation Madrid fair

Körber presented the latest in warehouse automation and flexible technology at the event, which took place in Madrid on the 24th and 25th of November.

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Optimize inventory flow from your material handling equipment using a warehouse control system

How warehouse control systems harmonize the inventory flow in your warehouse.

How to get automation equipment to harmoniously work together? That’s where software in form of a warehouse control system comes into play.How to get automation equipment to harmoniously work together? That’s where software in form of a warehouse control system comes into play.

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Combining new and traditional automation provides warehouses with the best of both worlds

Combining flexible automation such as autonomous mobile robots and traditional automation increases agility and operational efficiency. Michiel Veenman, Vice President Industry Solutions & Design, explains.

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Customer success: automotive parts distributor ISN boosts warehouse productivity with autonomous mobile robots

The US' largest independent automotive tool and equipment distributor reaps the benefits of AMRs in three of its warehouses. Check out our blog (including video) to learn more.

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Looming holiday season set to disrupt an already constrained supply chain

How the already strained global supply chain is impacted by the start of the holiday season.

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Signs point to increased constraint in the warehouse labor shortage

With the holiday season looming, America's labor shortage is set to widen the current contraints on the supply chain. Learn how The Great Resignation is currently impacting shortage of warehouse workers. 

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Unleash your potential with these top 10 warehouse simulation design tips

Simon Shore, Managing Director of Supply Chain Modelling & Maritime, covers the crucial points you should consider to make the best of warehouse simulation software.

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Cold storage labor recruitment challenges exacerbated by pandemic

How technology can help you attract and retain staff in a harsh working environment. Pieter Feenstra, CEO Automation North America, elaborates.

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California port gridlock significantly impacts U.S. supply chain

Nearing two years since the pandemic's beginning, the global supply chain is still experiencing repercussions. Dive deeper into the current crisis in the American supply chain.


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How automation increases warehouse safety and productivity – and why you should invest in these solutions now

With increasing challenges in the supply chain such as higher demand and shorter fulfillment times, automation can help you become significantly more efficient. Dr. Kerstin Höfle, Vice President R&D and Product Management Automation at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, shines a light on this subject.

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How technology optimization helps mitigate retail execution challenges

Perishable-food distributors’ productivity and inventory visibility improve with a mobile solution - Derek Curtis elaborates.

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7 key steps toward turning your manual warehouse successfully into a fully automated one

Automating your warehouse helps you step up productivity, but there are many factors to consider in the planning stage. Pieter Feenstra, CEO Automation North America at Körber Business Area Supply Chain, elaborates.

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Post COVID-19 lessons learned: retail supply chain success depends on adaptability to anything

The pandemic has shown us that adaptability is key to overcome disruption. Derek Curtis elaborates on the learnings for the supply chain from these special circumstances.

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How 3PLs can use automation to succeed in a growing e-commerce economy

Highly fluctuating e-commerce volume, global staffing challenges that include current workers not showing up, and rising labor costs, automation is key for 3PLs.

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Congratulations to our Elevate EMEA Award winners!

We have recognized some of our customers and partners for their excellent achievements in conquering supply chain complexity.

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Join our user conferences!

Our digital events start from 21st September with Elevate EMEA - sign up now!

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How the modern WMS integrates supply chains of today – from production to last-mile delivery

In this blog, we address how visibility from start to end of the supply chain can be achieved through the use of different software solutions.

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Guest blog article:UKWA CEO Clare Bottle - Growing our own warehouse talent

According to Microsoft’s latest research, more than 40% of the global workforce are thinking of changing their job this year.

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Optimizing your supply chain network

Using software to create thoughtful design can help you manage capacity

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Where technology meets humanity

As part of the ongoing modernisation of its supply chain, leading retailer Officeworks has partnered with Körber Supply Chain to deploy a range of cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Improve your supply chain resilience with the cloud

If nothing else, 2020 taught us to expect the unexpected and make lemonade out of lemons.

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Körber brings Elevate conference to APAC region

Calling all supply chain, distribution, logistics, e-commerce, and retail professionals – Elevate APAC is here.

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Combining Voice and SAP to streamline warehouse operations

Robert Orben once said, “To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so.” In the old world, warehousing personnel would utilize a manual pick and pull system.

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One size doesn’t fit all: achieving business growth through a hybrid technology approach

By Nishan Wijemanne, Managing Director APAC and Global Leader for AMR at Körber Supply Chain.

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How retailers can streamline curbside pickup

Curbside pickup offers enhanced convenience for customers, but poses unique challenges for retail employees and supply chain managers.

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Increasing sustainability in the warehouse with voice

When you think of the words “warehouse” or “picking process,” what comes to mind? It’s likely that sustainability isn’t at the top of your list. But it should be.

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Tackling India’s supply chain challenges: Godrej Group and Körber create joint venture

At Körber, we are always looking to expand our global reach to deliver the best solutions to customers worldwide. For this reason, we have entered a joint venture with Godrej & Boyce (G&B), flagship company of the Godrej Group.

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Leveling up warehouse processes with autonomous mobile robots

Warehouse professionals know the feeling – the pressure is high: With more products, faster delivery times, and less staff, supply chains must operate more efficiently than ever before. They must be flexible and scalable but also cost-efficient. So, how can you tackle this seemingly impossible task?

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Smoother sailing ahead for ports and terminals embracing digitization

Optimizing the marine supply chain with specialized software.

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Reducing waste in the $210.49 billion cold chain market

Changing customer habits and pharma requirements put pressure on cold supply chains to become greener.

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Automating the beverage supply chain to meet today’s growing challenges

What path do the components in your beverage products travel before ending up on the store shelf?

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Learn about intelligent automation with robotics in the supply chain

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are flexible, cost-effective, and scalable – a must to respond quickly to changes and increase resilience.

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Unique Challenges Facing Beverage Supply Chains

Beverage companies produce and distribute essential products every day. Manufacturers are frequently adjusting to consumer taste and preferences which creates a wider variety of products.

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Körber Best Practices: Rethinking storage in a world without space

This blog article addresses how can you make the most of your existing storage space.

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Blog series | Trends and issues in the supply chain: SKU proliferation

Today, we have more choice than ever: shirts in multiple colours, sodas in different flavors. Many products are available as different varieties.

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Considering sustainability in the supply chain

Sustainability has become a much talked about topic. It does not only affect the bottom line of your business but also how your customers perceive it.

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How to handle crises like the Suez Canal blockage with smart tools

Juggling the complexity of terminal management in normal times can be daunting, time consuming and mistakes can be expensive.

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Meeting new challenges in FMCG: Understand your automation capabilities in warehouse management

Digitalization provides both industrial and retail companies with great capabilities for service orientation. The Corona crisis has advanced e-commerce even further.

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Implementing technology to conquer retail and e-commerce complexity – part 2: robotics and automation

In our last blog, “Implementing technology to conquer retail and e-commerce complexity – part 1: voice-directed work”, we addressed the challenges that retail and e-commerce businesses are facing.

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Implementing technology to conquer retail and e-commerce complexity – part 1: voice-directed work

The lines between e-commerce and retail are becoming more and more blurred, creating specific and often conjoined challenges for both.

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Congratulations to our Elevate Award winners

Our five-day virtual user conference, Elevate Americas, is coming to an end.  We’re excited to present the winners of this year’s Elevate Awards, our annual recognition of customer and partner achievements throughout the year.

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SKU proliferation in FMCG: How automation can help

How optimizing picking processes with automation technology can help FMCG companies increase efficiency and lower cost, while supplementing the human workforce.

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Kӧrber Elevate – Supply chain technology from software to materials handling automation

Discover our breadth of technology solutions covering the entire supply chain at our user conference

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Don’t miss the in-depth customer sessions at Körber Elevate 2021

Körber’s first-ever virtual customer conference, Elevate Americas, is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for you to see the sessions we’ve lined up.

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Evaluating innovative technology with warehouse simulation

We investigate how the use of simulation software allows optimizing your warehouse and making further business decisions before any physical changes are made.

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The supply chain complexities that drove us to “reimagine” Elevate

Change is inevitable. The changes the supply chain faced in 2020, however, were extraordinary.

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Effectively managing SKU proliferation through voice-directed work

Over the last few decades, retailers have dealt with an ever-increasing number of product options for every possible requirement and taste.

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Five reasons to get excited about Körber Elevate 2021

Reimagine. There really could be no more apt theme for this year’s Elevate customer conference.

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COVID-19 vaccine distribution challenges - part 2: cold chain and security

In the first part of this two-part blog series, we looked at the overall challenges the COVID-19 vaccine distribution poses due to its diverse requirements:

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COVID-19 vaccine distribution challenges - part 1: traceability

FDA Emergency Use Authorization approval for the first COVID-19 vaccines marks a major step towards ending the pandemic.

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Blog series | Trends and issues in the supply chain: workplace safety

Warehouses are held to a high level of safety standards by OSHA in the United States and many other safety protocols worldwide.

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Blog series | Trends and issues in the supply chain: cold chain storage

Cold chain is one of the most complex – and booming – divisions of supply chain logistics.

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How end-to-end automation solutions can help businesses become more resilient

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, automation solutions are enabling businesses to address complex labor challenges and build the resilience to weather major supply chain disruptions.

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Leveraging warehouse management software to create superior customer experiences across all channels

Product and service offerings of global giants of commerce such as Amazon, Zalando, Alibaba, and Otto have shaped the expectations of customers.

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Speeding up the returns process using voice and AMR

The holiday season is over. For retailers such as Amazon, who famously extend their return window around Christmas time, this means high time for product returns.

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Blog series | Trends and issues in the supply chain: disaster mitigation and crisis management

The global pandemic is an example of a health crisis which has impacted all areas of everyday life and the economy. It has also caused major disruptions to the global supply chain.

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Looking ahead: what 2020 has taught us and what to expect from next year

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that agility in the supply chain and business model are crucial.

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Human Augmentation: Improving Worker Productivity and Capabilities with AI and Machine Learning

Learn more about the benefits of artificial intelligence in the warehouse and what the future holds for this innovative technology.

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2020 – a year like no other

This year has certainly been exceptional. It is rare to see something affecting people worldwide at the same time and in a similar fashion as what we have experienced with the coronavirus.

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Debunking the Top 4 Common Misconceptions of Cold Store Warehousing (Part 2)

By: Louis Kok, Head of Marketing & Sales, Körber Supply Chain

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Local fulfillment – then and now

Especially since the start of the pandemic, we have seen how local fulfillment has changed.

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Debunking the Top 4 Common Misconceptions of Cold Store Warehousing (Part 1)

By: Louis Kok, Head of Marketing & Sales, Körber Supply Chain

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Blog series | Trends and issues in the supply chain: sustainability

Especially in recent years, sustainability has been one of the buzzwords across all industries.

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Preparing for Brexit in the face of uncertainty

The Brexit deadline is looming at the beginning of the new year.

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Assessing the Return on Investment of enterprise WMS solutions

With a constrained budget, it is often hard to justify significant investments in new supply chain software, especially when applying a standard ROI analysis.

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Innovative tech to cope with peak seasons

It is part of the yearly cycle: demand comes and goes, but seasonal peaks are something experienced by every sector in some way and at some time.

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Blog series | Trends and issues in the supply chain: labor challenges

Hiring and keeping workers has long been a struggle in the supply chain industry. Whether there is a shortage of quality workers, difficulty retaining them or keeping them happy, labor challenges can take a toll on an operation.

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When labour is readily available, why invest in automation?

Nishan Wijemanne, MD APAC for Körber Supply Chain Software, talks about supply chain challenges for ANZ businesses and how Körber can help navigate them.

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Logistics innovation without risk: why digital twins are so important

What could you do with the power to test technologies and operational strategies before making changes?

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Global Leader Perspective on the Körber Rebrand: Australia and New Zealand

Nishan Wijemanne, MD APAC for Körber Supply Chain Software, talks about supply chain challenges for ANZ businesses and how Körber can help navigate them.

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Technologies and Strategies to Maximize Seasonal and Temporary Workers

Implementing adaptable supply chain software and technology can help boost seasonal worker productivity while decreasing training costs and safety risks.

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Körber Master Class Wrap-Up: Disruption Mitigation

In our master class, we addressed how the latest technologies and processes can help prepare your operation for whatever challenges it may face.

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From Web to Doorstep: A Successful Order Fulfilment Strategy (Part 2)

By: Louis Kok, Head of Marketing & Sales, Körber Supply Chain Automation

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From Web to Doorstep: A Successful Order Fulfilment Strategy (Part 1)

By: Louis Kok, Head of Marketing & Sales, Körber Supply Chain Automation

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How Can Körber Help Latin American Supply Chain Challenges?

Here we take a high-level look at how Körber can offer unique opportunities to overcome supply chain complexity in Latin America.

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Körber Master Class Wrap-Up: SAP Supply Chain Excellence

With trends like customer demand continually shifting, a growing trend to eCommerce and an increasingly uncertain operating environment, there’s no question supply chain complexity is on the rise.

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Warehouse Technology Bridges the Age Gap to the Workforce

Adopting new technology can help meet the needs and interests of different generations of warehouse workers and ultimately improve their efficiency.

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3 Tech Solutions Shaping the Future of Supply Chain

David Stanhope, CEO for Voice, Vision and Mobility (VVM)/Supply Chain Modelling and Scheduling (SCMS) at Körber Supply Chain Software, lays out the future of innovation in supply chain, and how voice, vision, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are set to make a big impact in the warehouse.

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From Web to Doorstep: Automation Meets the Needs of the E-commerce World

By: Louis Kok, Head of Marketing & Sales, Körber Supply Chain Automation

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Körber Master Class Wrap-Up: Workforce Efficiencies & Safety

Inefficient and unsafe warehouses lead to lost time, productivity and brand reputation – none of which supply chain organizations can afford in today’s ultra-competitive, hard-to-retain talent environment.

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A close look at warehouse automation and cold storage

Valued at nearly $168 billion in 2018, the global cold chain is expected to grow at a rate of 15.1 percent over the next several years.

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Sign Up Now for Our SAP Supply Chain Excellence Master Class Series

As a supply chain expert, you know the strengths an SAP solution can bring to your operations.

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In Response the US-China Trade War, Retailers Are Relying More on 3PLs

Navigating an ever-changing political landscape can prove challenging for even the most seasoned manufacturers and retailers. Here’s how working with a third-party logistics partner can help.

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Sign Up Now for Our Supply Chain Workforce Efficiencies & Safety Master Class Series

Warehouses are held to high safety standards, and for good reason – they have plenty of potential hazards like machines with moving parts or falling objects.

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Körber provides its expertise in SEA

Spokesperson: Poul Lorentzen, General Manager, Körber Supply Chain Automation

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Körber Master Class Wrap-Up: Warehouse Technology Excellence

Modern logistics companies continually seek viable methods of addressing fluctuating product markets and shipping demands.

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Global Leader Perspective on the Körber Rebrand: Europe

The newly integrated Körber brand empowers businesses across Europe to solve supply chain complexity and boost end-to-end efficiency.

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CEO Views - Solving APAC’s Supply Chain Challenges with Collaboration

Due to more products, more changing hands, and quicker fulfillment through more channels, businesses need to find new ways to streamline.

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Can warehouse automation get along with your workforce?

As warehouse automation continues to gain momentum in supply chain, what sort of impact can we expect for the workforce?

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Human Augmentation: Voice and Vision

The rise of e-commerce and the on-demand economy have ushered in a “new normal” ruled by changing consumer expectations.

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Sign Up Now for Our Warehouse Technology Excellence Master Class Series

Today’s warehouses are under tremendous pressure to meet demand – and for many, warehouse management technologies are their only chance of keeping up. 

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Increasing Throughput and Connecting Your MHE with Körber Crossbelt Sorter

To overcome today’s complex supply chain and logistic needs spanning customer choice, convenience, and speed, standalone systems need to come together.

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Taking the Temperature of Today’s Top Cold Storage Trends

The challenges companies face in the modern cold storage arena are not only prevalent – they’re also continually changing.

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5 Common Myths About Automated Warehouses — Debunked

Often seen as ‘static’ entities within dynamic and fast-paced logistics supply chain systems, warehouses can in fact play a crucial and direct role in ensuring successful and seamless logistics handling.

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COVID-19 Impact: Latin America, Asia, Africa, Asia-Pacific Supply Chains

The varying international responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have revealed a number of supply chain vulnerabilities while also showing incredible resiliency in certain areas.

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Warehouses of the Future for the Food Industry

Food mini-feature series #3

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Tackling Today’s Labor Challenges in the Warehouse

It has been said that a company’s employees are its greatest asset. And for years, the warehouse and distribution labor gap has been problematic worldwide as companies have had trouble finding – and retaining – qualified personnel.

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Sign Up Now for Our Cold Storage Trends Master Class Series

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Food industry warehousing challenges

Food mini-feature series #2

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Körber Named 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for WMS

Within the first few months after coming together as a single brand, Körber has been listed as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

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Series: Global Impact of COVID-19: European Supply Chain

As the pandemic causes shutdowns around the world, it’s revealing vulnerabilities within the global supply chain — as well as new opportunities for growth and development.

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Top food industry trends and the impact on the logistics supply chain

Food mini-feature series #1

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Series: Global Impact of COVID-19: North American Supply Chain

To support changing consumer priorities, supply chains in North America are emphasizing safety and automation.

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Join us for our first Master Class

Tackling today’s newest, most pressing warehouse labor challenges.

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Overcoming 5 Common Safety Concerns in the Warehouse

From falls to fatigue, warehouse labor needs to be as safe as it is productive. By implementing support systems and technology around workers, supply chains gain not only the benefit of a safe, pro-worker environment, but tools that increase adaptability and efficiency within the four walls.

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Let’s Talk Supply Chains: Register Now for Our Upcoming Master Class Series

They say you never stop learning. And as a supply chain professional in the midst of great change, you know learning comes with the territory. 

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Körber Announces InSight Contact Tracer for Warehouse Safety

Employees and customers are counting on you to keep orders moving through the warehouse. They’re also counting on you for safety, and with the high risks of COVID-19, balancing these needs is extremely difficult.

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The first step to faster COVID-19 warehouse detection is here

Employees and customers are counting on you to keep orders moving through the warehouse. They’re also counting on you for safety, and with the high risks of COVID-19, balancing these needs is extremely difficult. But, it’s not impossible. Technology can help, and will continue to rise to the challenge in face of these complexities.

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6 Traceability Tips for Cold Storage

Traceability in the cold chain is essential to ensuring that products maintain their quality throughout storage and transport. Here’s how supply chain managers can improve visibility in the warehouse and beyond.

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Looking Back At Elevate and the Role of Warehouse Robotics as Körber

Back in March, I attended my fifth consecutive HighJump Elevate user conference. Elevate has grown steadily year after year, with the 2020 conference seeing its highest attendee showing ever.

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Conquering Supply Chain Complexity Together as Körber

With the recent announcement that our company will officially rebrand to Körber, we close one remarkable chapter of our story and start another. It’s incredibly exciting, and this change comes at a perfect time. Here’s a short video to give you a feel for.

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Augmenting Human Performance in the Warehouse with Robotics

Robotics & Workers, Human Augmentation Series – Part Two (5 part series)

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Why 12 Supply Chain Technology Companies will Become Körber

By now, you’ve likely heard the news: Körber Supply Chain’s 12 sister companies will be charting a bold new course in supply chain technology.

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How Warehouse Automation Is Improving Worker Safety

In addition to optimizing the processes involved in supply chain management, robotics can also help keep warehouse employees safer on the job.

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The Role of Supply Chain Robotics and Voice Technology in Airline MRO

Robotics and Voice Picking Solutions in Airline MRO

Advances in supply chain technology can help keep planes in the air and ensure that passengers arrive at their intended destinations on time.

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Transportation Solutions Bringing Easter Treats to Homes Each Spring

Transportation Solutions Bring Easter Candy

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring chocolate eggs and other sweets into Easter baskets each spring.

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How 3PL Providers Can Promote Sustainable Supply Chain Management

3PL Sustainability

Customers increasingly expect companies to maintain ethical business practices. Here’s how partnering with 3PL providers can help build a sustainable and transparent supply chain.

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Why It’s Time for Human Augmentation in Your Warehouse Management

Human Augmentation in your Warehouse Management System

Human Augmentation Series, Part One: Challenges

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Logistics IT: 5 Questions on Cloud Computing

Logistics IT: 5 Questions on Cloud Computing

In recent years, the migration from traditionally installed enterprise software to cloud computing has accelerated.

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Smart logistics: How smart is the logistics industry, really?

How Smart is the Logistics Industry

The need for adaptable logistics systems is increasing: As online retailers promise bigger and better things, consumers’ expectations grow accordingly.

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Are Robots and Automation Taking Jobs or Actually Creating New Jobs?

Robotic Technology And Automation. Are They Taking Jobs Or Creating New Jobs. The Impact On Job Opportunities.

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What We Get Wrong About Digitization and Supply Chain’s Future

Digitization and Supply Chain's Future

Supply Chain Processes and Mindset for Digitization. The Supply Chain of the Future. Better WMS Solutions.

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