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Tetra Pak Technical Service AB

Tetra Pak Technical Service AB is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company.

Industry: Storage and Packaging

Location: Sweden

Miniload storage expansion

In a warehouse system designed to scale for growth, Tetra Pak Technical Service AB had two more K.Store miniload cranes added to their existing nine.


Tetra Pak’s existing warehouse system was not designed to scale for future growth. The company needed to:

  • Implement new Miniload cranes in several steps rather than all at once
  • Modernize an outdated warehouse system

Solutions Implemented:

Tetra Pak added new equipment to keep up with growing demand, including:

  • 2 Miniload cranes added to the 9 existing cranes
  • A conveyor loop extension
  • Increased buffer capacity for the existing pick loop


Körber’s additional expansion enabled Tetra Pak to meet higher demand while remaining in its existing warehouse. Additional benefits included:

  • The system has remained reliable and field-proven since 2001
  • Daily and weekly operating reports have often proved an availability of 100%, measured over 24 hours on the operation of the 11 cranes and the associated conveying system

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