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Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch Elektronik is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany.

Industry: Automotive

Location: Germany

Retrofit project in three steps

Körber’s step-by-step implementation of a comprehensive modernization project has updated the intralogistics of Robert Bosch Elektronik, with operations ongoing.


Bosch’s leaders decided on a comprehensive modernization project, which was to be realized in three construction phases while operations continued. The company’s challenges included:

  • No allowance for limitation or interruption in production

Solutions Implemented:

In three phases, Bosch modernized its warehouse by implementing:

  • Switchboards (stationary and mobile) / SRM
  • Extension WinCC
  • A camera system
  • Automation renewal: SRMs, tray conveyor system, powertrains and transmission, guide rails of the hoist, distance measuring system, and running and conductor rails, hand operated with touchpanels


The plant, which is almost thirty years old, now boasts the same efficiency as a comparable new installation. This means:

  • Performance was immediately boosted by 60 percent

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