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Renova is a European brand, in the tissue paper industry, of high quality and innovative products. One of the biggest toilet paper producers in Europe. Available in more than 60 countries worldwide, it offers colorful designs and new functional solutions through stylish and environmentally happy products.


Industry: Paper


Location: Torres Vedras, Portugal


Renova's automated warehouse revolution

A Portuguese brand in the tissue paper products segment, has begun on a transformative journey to enhance its operational efficiency and storage capabilities.



Limited Storage Capacity - One of the main challenges identified was the limited storage capacity of Renova's existing warehouses, which were not sufficient to support the increase in production. This condition not only limited production, but also hampered efficient stock management.


Operational incapacities -  Renova's material handling and inventory management operations were largely manual, resulting in slow, error-prone processes with high operational costs. This inefficiency caused delays in the supply chain and affected the company's ability to respond to high customer demand.


Need for Modernization -  The existing infrastructure needed modernization to keep up with industry best practices and incorporate new technologies that could improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Solutions Implemented:


The project design was meticulously planned with a focus on logistics transformation and the implementation of innovative automation technologies. The logistics strategy adopted involved the construction of a 46-meter-high finished product high bay with a storage capacity of 27,360 pallets.


The project has several specific objectives:


  • To reduce Renova’s environmental impact

  • To increase flexibility and speed in responding to customers

  • To optimize process efficiency and increase overall productivity


The choice of an automatic transport and storage system (ASRS) for pallets was crucial to achieving the objectives. This system includes 6 stacker cranes, 7 elevators, 1 Shuttle Car and 34 Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs), capable of managing a flow of 143 incoming and 222 outgoing pallets. Integration with Körber's Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) was essential to ensure perfect synchronization of warehouse operations, increasing the precision and efficiency of Renova's logistics operations.




Mayor eficiencia energética, mayor capacidad de respuesta y productividad. Los sistemas automáticos mejorados de transporte de palets optimizan la capacidad de almacenamiento y facilitan procesos eficientes de recuperación y expedición de productos.


El énfasis se coloca en la confiabilidad, redundancia y capacidad de mantenimiento del sistema para garantizar operaciones ininterrumpidas.


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