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NEXT is a UK-based furniture and retail company that was founded in 1864.

Industry: Furniture distribution

Location: Doncaster, UK


NEXT needed additional capacity to handle its growing furniture business. The company was faced with:

  • Building a second warehouse in Doncaster next to its existing facility
  • Creating a connection between operational areas on different floor levels, as well as linking them to the existing furniture warehouse across the road

Solutions Implemented:

An automated warehouse solution was designed specifically to handle NEXT’s unique layout. It included:

  • Smaller pallets stored in a double deep configuration and larger pallets stored in a single deep configuration
  • 18 stacker cranes capable of switching from one aisle to another
  • Cranes able to travel to a dedicated maintenance bay for fast, easy, and safe access to all stacker crane elements


NEXT saw tangible business productivity improvement, paving the way to increased growth in the UK market. This meant:

  • Designing a 120-metre long double deck bridge to enable exchange of stock
  • Establishing an innovative set-up based on several RGV loops to link the receiving area, the automatic warehouse, and custom made picking stations

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