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JTC Corporation

JTC Food Hub is Singapore’s first multi-tenanted ramp-up development with an integrated cold room and warehouse facility (CWF) that aims to help food manufacturers boost productivity and enhance their competitiveness.

Location: Singapore

Industry: Food & Beverage


The project required:

  • An interfloor pallet conveying system that would enable multiple tenants to utilize and move pallets across different floors of the facility

Solutions Implemented:

JTC Food Hub implemented:

  • 10 units of interfloor pallet lifters that span across seven floors in the facility with a hoisting height close to 40m
  • An elaborate pallet conveyor system
  • Pallet conveyors with rapid doors and fire shutter doors


Körber’s inter-floor conveying system features:

  • Human-to-conveyor interface via pallet jacks on tenant levels
  • Forklifts
  • AGVs
  • Energy-saving features like fire shutter doors and high speed doors
  • A pallet conveyor system linked to pallet lifts for automatic transfers of raw or ready-to-eat products between floors

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