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HAZET-WERK Hermann Zerver

HAZET-WERK is a leading manufacturer of quality hand tools, tool trolleys, and equipment for professional applications.

Location: Germany

Industry: Industry & Production

Improve warehouse processes with SAP

German manufacturer of high quality tools implements SAP EWM and SAP EWM/MFS


HAZET-WERK’s goals included:

  • Keeping its existing pick by voice system
  • Expanding the capacity of its logistics center

Solutions Implemented:

In addition to a new manually managed pallet warehouse, the heart of the facility is an automatic consolidation buffer for demand-based and shipment-ready provision of picking containers. HAZET-WERK implemented:

  • SAP EWM (decentral) for warehouse management
  • SAP EWM/MFS as a fully integrated material flow system


The SAP EWM Solution adapted to the special needs of HAZET-WERK to:

  • Support high performance picking and packing

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