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The Fatland slaughterhouse in Ølen produces consumer packed meat. The plant has 22 different production lines for 200 tons of meat per day, handling relatively small series and a wide variety of products within each line.

Industry: Food production

Location: Norway

End of line automation

The automated end-of-line solution for Fatland includes crate conveyance, sorting, miniload, robot palletizing, pallet conveyance and buffering.


Fatland requested a customized end-of-line solution tailored to its existing production setup. The company needed to:

  • Automate production due to heavy demands on its storage system
  • Minimize faults and waste

Solutions Implemented:

Körber delivered a tailor made solution for sorting, miniload storage, and robot palletizing. This solution included:

  • Crate conveyance
  • Sorting
  • Miniload
  • Robot palletizing
  • Pallet conveyance
  • Buffering


Fatland was able to increase storage and sorting capacity while maintaining accuracy. The company achieved:

  • Locations in miniload storage approx. 2,000 trays
  • Locations in pallet buffer approx. 240 EUR-pallets
  • Overall capacity, in 3,000 products/h from production
  • Overall capacity, out 70 EUR-pallets/h
  • Robot capacity per robot 300 pallet layers/h

Our cooperation worked really well. Körber understood our challenges and solved them for us – on time, that is. This was essential to us, since time is an incredibly important factor for such a large system. The solution is tailormade for us – we had some limitations due to existing buildings, but this was solved by Körber.

Inge Fatland,
Co-owner and Technical Manager, Fatland

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