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Extrafarma is a pharmaceutical distribution and trade company with more than 400 stores in Brazil, and is one of the largest and most important pharmaceutical distributors in the country.

Location: Brazil

Industry: Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Retail & E-Commerce


The number of stores has doubled in the last five years and Extrafarma started an aggressive strategic growth plan after being acquired by Grupo Ultra. They were also looking for:

  • Greater stock accuracy and speed in operating CDs

Solutions Implemented:

Extrafarma needed a system with high stability, since their current one was becoming obsolete and would not be able to handle the company's expansion and increase in the volume. Therefore, Extrafarma implemented:

  • Körber Warehouse Advantage


The benefits of this initiative included:

  • Increased stock accuracy
  • Increased productivity in all warehouse operations
  • Optimization of the storage route and the occupation of the pallet trucks
  • Total traceability of items on the CD
  • Greater batch control

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