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With a worldwide presence, BIAL's mission extends beyond simply improving people’s lives. They are driven by a relentless pursuit of medical breakthroughs and a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals across the globe.


Industry: Pharmaceutical


Location: Porto, Portugal


Gearing up for the anticipated surge in operations volume

BIAL upgraded the existing software to the latest version of Körber’s K.Motion Warehouse Management System which is web-based, thus providing the pharma company with impressive flexibility.



  • Expansion of the current automated storage and distribution system

  • Boost supply chain efficiency

  • Increase overall flexibility


Solutions implemented:


  • Curve-going pallet stacker crane

  • Pallet conveyor system

  • Fire protection system




  • + 2,236 pallet locations

  • Upgraded WCS

  • Additional throughput of 60 pal/h

  • Boosted efficiency and increased storage capacity


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