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ASKO is Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler. ASKO distributes products to grocery stores, convenience stores, and institutional catering companies.

Industry: Grocery wholesale

Location: Norway

Pallet inspection and sortation

ASKO, Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler, has achieved improved productivity, improved ergonomics and better quality sorting.


ASKO needed to improve ergonomics by automating the heavy lifting of pallets. The company:

  • Lacked an automated warehouse solution
  • Needed to move heavy pallets between 20-25 KG while protecting worker health

Solutions Implemented:

A new quality control system prevents injuries without increasing human effort. Now:

  • A pallet quality and control system automatically repairs protruding nails
  • The system inspects top and bottom boards, blocks, tunnels, and foil remains


The pallet inspection and sortation system ensures high pallet quality throughout the warehouse. As a result:

  • Employees enjoy ergonomic benefits
  • Distribution runs more smoothly thanks to increased pallet quality

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